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Symbolic Dynamics - Critical Infrastructure Protection Iii - The Modelling And Analysis Of The Mechanics Of Ropes - Discrete Optimization With Interval Data - Lectures On Partial Differential Equations - Robotic Exploration Of The Solar System - The Center Bulge And Disk Of The Milky Way - Systems Analysis In Forest Resources - Advances In Perinatal Thyroidology - Household Composition In Latin America - The Structure Biosynthesis And Degradation Of Wood - Intelligent Multimedia Communication Techniques And Applications - Noncommutative Geometry And Particle Physics - Banach Algebra Techniques In Operator Theory - Proceedings Of The International Conference On It Convergence And Security 2011 - Parallel Architectures And Bioinspired Algorithms - Mechanisms Of Lymphocyte Activation And Immune Regulation Vii - Nanostructure Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers - Lipids In Health And Disease - Prokaryotic Systems Biology - Biochemistry Of Plant Phenolics - Decoupling - Electroactive Polymer Gel Robots - 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A Perspective On Agent Systems - The Climate Of The Arctic - Transmission Grid Security - A Basic Course In Probability Theory - Philosophical Medical Ethics Its Nature And Significance - Projected Dynamical Systems And Variational Inequalities With Applications - Leukemia Advances In Research And Treatment - Local Welfare Policy Making In European Cities - The Quintessential Pic® Microcontroller - Transforming Economic Systems The Case Of Poland - Handbook Of The Social Psychology Of Inequality - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology 139 - Distributed Applications And Interoperable Systems Ii - Classical Theory Of Algebraic Numbers - Statics Of Rods - Weyl Transforms - Matrix Analysis - Ethik In Der Technikgestaltung - Vision Based Autonomous Robot Navigation - Diagnosis And Therapy Of Malignant Lymphoma - Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering - Computers And Networks In The Age Of Globalization - Approaches To Organic Form - Cirrhosis Hyperammonemia And Hepatic Encephalopathy - Linear Operators In Hilbert Spaces - The Digital University - Advanced Łukasiewicz Calculus And Mvalgebras - Intelligent Distributed Computing V - Low Dielectric Constant Materials For Ic Applications - Cancer Chemo And Immunopharmacology - Geometric Continuum Mechanics And Induced Beam Theories - Applied Pattern Recognition - Recent Trends In Toeplitz And Pseudodifferential Operators - Cosserat Theories Shells Rods And Points - Sex And Gender Differences In Pharmacology - Reaction And Molecular Dynamics - Introductory Mathematics Algebra And Analysis - Rapid Production Of Micro And Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Water - Competencies Higher Education And Career In Japan And The Netherlands - Collaborative Networks For A Sustainable World - Unfolding Social Constructionism - The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Shock - Disease Dynamics - Networked Learning Perspectives And Issues - Organism And The Origins Of Self - Widefield Spectroscopy - Operation Of Marketoriented Power Systems - Data Matching - Multiplicative Number Theory - Atomistic Approaches In Modern Biology - Frana§ois Arago - Computer And Computing Technologies In Agriculture Ii Volume 1 - Iutam Symposium On Rheology Of Bodies With Defects - The Speculum Astronomiae And Its Enigma - A Course In Homological Algebra - Employment Deconcentration In European Metropolitan Areas - Peptide Hormones In Lung Cancer - An Introduction To Number Theory - Tsunamis In The World Ocean - Endothelin And Its Inhibitors - Red Cell Metabolism And Function - The Early Type Stars - Interface Controlled Organic Thin Films - Societies And Cities In The Age Of Instant Access - Personal Wireless Communications - Law Liberty And The Rule Of Law - Trends In The Historiography Of Science - Advanced Methods Of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Modeling - Wahlverhalten Und Wahlerheterogenitat - Random Finite Sets For Robot Mapping And Slam - In Search Of William Gascoigne - Multidisciplinary Treatment Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Migration And Settlement - Tunable Multiband Ferroelectric Devices For Reconfigurable Rffrontends - Recent Developments In Lattice Theory - Modelbased Reasoning In Science And Technology - Exclusive Production Of Neutral Vector Mesons At The Electronproton Collider Hera - Database Semantics - Bbarrel Channel Proteins As Tools In Nanotechnology - Basic Linear Algebra - Handbook Of Phenomenology And Medicine - Designing An Efficient Management System - Russia In Space - Tolllike Receptors Tlrs And Innate Immunity - Sodium Calcium Exchange A Growing Spectrum Of Pathophysiological Implications - Stratonauts - Transforming Postsecondary Foreign Language Teaching In The United States - Advances In Chaos Theory And Intelligent Control - John Gregory And The Invention Of Professional Medical Ethics And The Profession Of Medicine - Minimalism - Analysis Now - Design And Analysis Of Learning Classifier Systems - Electromagnetic Properties Of Multiphase Dielectrics - Progress In Heritable Soft Connective Tissue Diseases - Nachhaltigkeit Und Gerechtigkeit - Service Orientation In Holonic And Multiagent Manufacturing And Robotics - 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Phosphorus In Action - Current Concepts In The Management Of Lymphoma And Leukemia - Internal Research And Development Markets - Cosmic Explosions - Dynamics Of Arterial Flow - Glycolipids Glycoproteins And Mucopolysaccharides Of The Nervous System - Autonomous Systems And Intelligent Agents In Power System Control And Operation - Small Ring Compounds In Organic Synthesis Iii - Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn - Complementary And Alternative Approaches To Biomedicine - The Story Of Manned Space Stations - Dynamics And Balancing Of Multibody Systems - Interpolation Schur Functions And Moment Problems - Denumerable Markov Chains - Verbindung Und Affinitat - Migration Und Flucht - Low Energy Hadron Interactions - The Discourse Of Sensibility - Astronomy Communication - Fuzzy Engineering Economics With Applications - Model Reduction For Circuit Simulation - Spacexs Dragon Americas Next Generation Spacecraft - Computational Intelligence In Biomedicine And Bioinformatics - Meshfree Methods For Partial Differential Equations - 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The Mongeampa¨re Equation - Innovations In Digital Watermarking Techniques - Computational Signal Processing With Wavelets - Dispersion Forces Ii - Sintering - The Diffusion Of Electronic Data Interchange - Technology Pessimism And Postmodernism - Current Issues In Monetary Economics - Banach Lattices - Organic Chemistry - Organometallics As Catalysts In The Fine Chemical Industry - Single Pesticide Volume The Triazine Herbicides - Exploring Multivariate Data With The Forward Search - Computational Intelligence In Reliability Engineering - Mathematical Foundations Of Quantum Statistical Mechanics - Inelastic Scattering Of Xrays With Very High Energy Resolution - Intelligent Decision And Policy Making Support Systems - Classical Descriptive Set Theory - Intermediate Mechanics Of Materials - Drug Targets In Kinetoplastid Parasites - Symbiotic Endophytes - Chemotherapy Of Gastrointestinal Helminths - Environmental Change And Its Implications For Population Migration - Biomimetic And Bioorganic Chemistry Ii - 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Classes Of Linear Operators - Market Expectations And Option Prices - Rights To Health Care - Trends In Intelligent Systems And Computer Engineering - Affine Maps Euclidean Motions And Quadrics - Innovations In Art Neural Networks - Patient Flow Reducing Delay In Healthcare Delivery - The Forefront Of International Higher Education - Jugendamter Im Spannungsfeld Von Burokratie Und Profession - Emerging Research In Electronics Computer Science And Technology - Preparative Organic Chemistry - Biogeochemical Cycles In Globalization And Sustainable Development - Innovations And Advances In Computer Information Systems Sciences And Engineering - Fault Diagnosis And Fault Tolerance For Mechatronic Systems Recent Advances - Associative Algebras - Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery - Statistical Methods For The Evaluation Of University Systems - Persons And Minds - Cloud Optics - Human Rights And Human Nature - The Cassinihuygens Visit To Saturn - Advanced Techniques Of Population Analysis - Evolution Equations Semigroups And Functional Analysis - Organometallic Pincer Chemistry - Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry - Selfoscillations In Dynamic Systems - Diffraction Radiation From Relativistic Particles - The Higher Education Managerial Revolution - Progress In Cosmology - Instrumental Inorganic Chemistry - Lengths Widths Surfaces - Science Mind And Art - Lectures On The Theory Of Algebraic Numbers - Thermal Stresses Advanced Theory And Applications - Progress In Transmission Electron Microscopy 1 - Knowledge Management In Fuzzy Databases - Structural Theory Of Organic Chemistry - Modern Multidimensional Scaling - Global Product - Critical Infrastructure Protection Iv - Physics Of The Solar Corona - Real Exchange Rate Movements - Critical Infrastructure Protection Viii - Nutrition Support For The Critically Ill - Evaluation And Explanation In The Biomedical Sciences - Guide To Security Assurance For Cloud Computing - Efficient Numerical Methods And Informationprocessing Techniques For Modeling Hydro And Environmental Systems - Trust Management Vii - Topology And Geometry - Fundamental Labour Rights In China Legal Implementation And Cultural Logic - Theories Of Plates And Shells - Satellite Aerosol Remote Sensing Over Land - Mobile And Wireless Communications Networks - The Chemokines - Representation And Control Of Infinite Dimensional Systems - Foundations Of Optimization - Moon Bound - Differential Geometry Manifolds Curves And Surfaces - Genetic Analysis Of The X Chromosome - Radiation Hazard In Space - Financial Accounting - Selbstkompetenzen - From P2p To Web Services And Grids - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics Xvi - Experiment And Natural Philosophy In Seventeenthcentury Tuscany - The Geometry Of Schemes - Gastrointestinal Regulatory Peptides - Quasiunsteady Chp Operation Of Power Plants - Interdisciplinarity In Technology Assessment - Feature Based Product Lifecycle Modelling - Modeling Learning And Processing Of Texttechnological Data Structures - Supply Chain Games Operations Management And Risk Valuation - Bifunctional Molecular Catalysis - Offshore Wind Energy Cost Modeling - Operative Transportation Planning - Mortuary Monuments And Burial Grounds Of The Historic Period - The Structure And Conformation Of Amphiphilic Membranes - Applied Bioremediation And Phytoremediation - Financial Liberalization In Developing Countries - Artificial Intelligence And Innovations 2007 From Theory To Applications - A Course In Computational Algebraic Number Theory - Respiratory Carcinogenesis - Foundations Of Computational Intelligence Volume 5 - Linear Porthamiltonian Systems On Infinitedimensional Spaces - New Developments In Distributed Applications And Interoperable Systems - Structural Chemistry - Graph And Model Transformation - Symbiotic Fungi - Periodic Solutions Of Singular Lagrangian Systems - The Solvay Councils And The Birth Of Modern Physics - Digital Services And Information Intelligence - Home Informatics And Telematics Ict For The Next Billion - Solar System Ices - Spatial Knowledge Spillovers And The Dynamics Of Agglomeration And Regional Growth - Rubidomycin - Sirius Matters - Engaging First Peoples In Artsbased Service Learning - Guide To Fpga Implementation Of Arithmetic Functions - A Geometrical Picture Book - The Use Of Historical Data In Natural Hazard Assessments - Foothold In The Heavens - Organic Solid State Reactions - Cyclotomic Fields I And Ii - Current Topics In Complement Ii - Skeletal Muscle Metabolism In Exercise And Diabetes - The Finite Element Method In Structural Mechanics - Religions And Extraterrestrial Life - Matrix Riccati Equations In Control And Systems Theory - World Congress On Medical Physics And Biomedical Engineering May 2631 2012 Beijing China - Ultrafast Phenomena Xix - Professional Practice In Artificial Intelligence - Purine Metabolism In Man Iii - Proteinnanoparticle Interactions - Introduction To The Physics Of Stellar Interiors - Optimization Of Dynamic Systems - The Quality Of Life In Confucian Asia - Innovations In Robot Mobility And Control - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 206 - Artificial Intelligence Applications And Innovations Ii - Introduction To Topological Manifolds - Climate Change An Integrated Perspective - Aggregation And Fusion Of Imperfect Information - Biguanides - Statistics Of Financial Markets - Stochastic Control In Insurance - Ganitayuktibhāṣā Rationales In Mathematical Astronomy Of Jyeṣṭhadeva - Hypercholesterolemia Hypocholesterolemia Hypertriglyceridemia In Vivo Kinetics - Novel Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanostructured Materials - Advances In Fuzzy Control - Restrictedorientation Convexity - The 15th International Conference On Biomedical Engineering - Immunological Aspects Of Viral Oncolysis - Multiscale Fatigue Crack Initiation And Propagation Of Engineering Materials Structural Integrity And Microstructural Worthiness - Monitoring The Comprehensive Nucleartestban Treaty Source Processes And Explosion Yield Estimation - Nanomechanical Analysis Of High Performance Materials - Foundations Of Chinese Psychology - Fracture Mechanics And Statistical Mechanics Of Reinforced Elastomeric Blends - Handbook Of Operations Research In Natural Resources - Chemotherapy Of Viral Infections - Rescuing Reason - Encounters And Engagements Between Economic And Cultural Geography - Solar Sailing - Toward Antiadhesion Therapy For Microbial Diseases - Uncovering Cp Violation - Sensorimotor Control Of Movement And Posture - Systems Analysis Of Human Multigene Disorders - Monitoring Volcanoes In The North Pacific - Grids Clouds And Virtualization - Point Defects In Metals Ii - The Mechanization Of Natural Philosophy - Applied Decision Support With Soft Computing - Harmonic Analysis And Applications - Human Work Interaction Design Work Analysis And Interaction Design Methods For Pervasive And Smart Workplaces - Computational Probability - Imaging The Cheops Pyramid - Astronomical Time Series - Possibility Theory And The Risk - Relativism And Realism In Science - Microcontrollers In Practice - Reflections On The Problem Of Consciousness - Ultralowvoltage Design Of Energyefficient Digital Circuits - Mechanisms In The Pathogenesis Of Enteric Diseases 2 - Prisoners Of War - Wages And The Euro - Univalent Functions And Teichmuller Spaces - Philosophical Dimensions Of The Neuromedical Sciences - Computational Intelligence Paradigms In Advanced Pattern Classification - Computational Kinematics 95 - Practical Soil Dynamics - A Critical Appraisal Of Germanys Thermal Retrofit Policy - Renal Eicosanoids - Dynamics In Enzyme Catalysis - Intelligent Computing Systems - Nietzsche Theories Of Knowledge And Critical Theory - Industrial Engineering Management Science And Applications 2015 - Analytical Imaging Techniques For Soft Matter Characterization - Advances In Automation And Robotics Vol1 - Primary And Secondary Preventive Nutrition - Iutam Symposium On Micromechanics Of Plasticity And Damage Of Multiphase Materials - Measures And Probabilities - Growth Processes And Surface Phase Equilibria In Molecular Beam Epitaxy - The Beginning And The End - Igf And Nutrition In Health And Disease - The Statistical Theory Of Shape - Lecture Notes In Quantum Chemistry - Partial Differential Equations And Functional Analysis - Semiparametric Theory And Missing Data - Advances In Algebraic Quantum Field Theory - The Underlying Molecular Cellular And Immunological Factors In Cancer And Aging - Dissipative Quantum Chaos And Decoherence - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Ii - Soft Computing Applications In Optimization Control And Recognition - Der Einfluss Unbekannter Werbegesichter Auf Die Wahrnehmung Der Markenpersonlichkeit - Greening Airports - Managing Intermediate Size Cities - Informatics And Management Science Ii - Photoprotection In Plants - Knowledge Mining - Knowledge Discovery Enhanced With Semantic And Social Information - High Energy Polarized Proton Beams - Advances In The Theory Of Benzenoid Hydrocarbons - Mobile Persuasion Design - Surface Phonons - New Perspectives On Approximation And Sampling Theory - Doing Design Ethnography - International Conference For Innovation In Biomedical Engineering And Life Sciences - Electrical Information Engineering And Mechatronics 2011 - Modern Aspects Of The Theory Of Partial Differential Equations - Mindful Universe - New Network Architectures - Progress In Polyamine Research - The Reninangiotensin System Current Research Progress In The Pancreas - Data Intensive Computing For Biodiversity - Remote Sensing And Atmospheric Ozone - Light Scattering Reviews 8 - Oxygen Transport To Tissuev - Freedom And Enforcement In Action - Cmos Capacitive Sensors For Labonchip Applications - Mathematical Writing - Advances In Telerobotics - Proceedings Of The 14th International Conference On Manmachineenvironment System Engineering - Fluctuations And Sensitivity In Nonequilibrium Systems - Mechanics Of Composite Materials - Cysteine Proteases Of Pathogenic Organisms - Stochastic Modeling And Optimization Of Manufacturing Systems And Supply Chains - Stereoselective Alkene Synthesis - Pattern Formation In Granular Materials - Soc Design Methodologies - Antioxidants In Therapy And Preventive Medicine - Social Development In Asia - Quadratic Algebras Clifford Algebras And Arithmetic Witt Groups - Computational Methods Seismic Protection Hybrid Testing And Resilience In Earthquake Engineering - Regionalisation Growth And Economic Integration - An Introductory Philosophy Of Medicine - Biochemical Pharmacology Of Blood And Bloodforming Organs - The First Galaxies - Risk Management In Credit Portfolios - Historical And Recent Catastrophic Tsunamis In The World - Natural Function Algebras - Peripheral Interaction - China Satellite Navigation Conference Csnc 2015 Proceedings Volume I - Identification And Stochastic Adaptive Control - Universal Grammar And The Second Language Classroom - Intelligent Information Processing V - Proceedings Of Saechina Congress 2014 Selected Papers - Principles And Treatment Of Lipoprotein Disorders - Quantum Mechanics At The Crossroads - Logical Number Theory I - International Economic Growth - Vlsisoc Forwardlooking Trends In Ic And Systems Design - History Of Nordic Computing 3 - Short And Long Term Effects Of Breast Feeding On Child Health - Multiscale Methods In Science And Engineering - Indirect Sampling - Space Observatories - Qua©bec Studies In The Philosophy Of Science - Emergence And Survival Of New Businesses - Making The History Of Computing Relevant - Conformal Algebra In Spacetime And Operator Product Expansion - Architecture And Design Of Distributed Embedded Systems - Decision Making With The Analytic Network Process - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 35 - Contact Mechanics In Tribology - Building Bioethics - The Life Story Of An Infrared Telescope - Advances In Statistical Control Algebraic Systems Theory And Dynamic Systems Characteristics - Ab Initio Calculations - Medicinal Chemistry - Robotic Welding Intelligence And Automation - 4th International Conference On Biomedical Engineering In Vietnam - The New Worlds - Nonlinearity With Disorder - Proceedings Of 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference - Clustering Dynamics And The Location Of Hightechfirms - Neuroimmune Circuits Drugs Of Abuse And Infectious Diseases - An Introduction To Mission Design For Geostationary Satellites - Biologicallyinspired Optimisation Methods - Network Control And Engineering For Qos Security And Mobility - Numerical Methods In Computational Electrodynamics - Locational Preferences Of Entrepreneurs - The Igm Galaxy Connection - Topics In Current Chemistry 1 3 - Iron Catalysis - Industrial Archaeology - Balkan And Eastern European Countries In The Midst Of The Global Economic Crisis - Applied Graph Theory In Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition - Experimental Inquiries - Strategy And Governance Of Networks - Composition Operators - Managing Forest Ecosystems The Challenge Of Climate Change - Tachykinins - A Framework For Visualizing Information - Advances In Modeling And Control Of Ventilation - Morphological And Functional Aspects Of Immunity - Responsible Genetics - Special And General Relativity - Polycrystalline Semiconductors - A Field Guide To Geophysics In Archaeology - Science In Flux - Soft Computing In Humanities And Social Sciences - Stellar Jets And Bipolar Outflows - Hormone Receptors In Breast Cancer - Optical Bistability Iii - Mammalian Transient Receptor Potential Trp Cation Channels - 4th Kuala Lumpur International Conference On Biomedical Engineering 2008 - Trade Credit And Temporary Employment - Light Scattering Reviews 9 - Vitamin D Analogs In Cancer Prevention And Therapy - Dendrimers V - Topics In Group Theory - Imre Lakatos And Theories Of Scientific Change - Bonding In Electronrich Molecules - Detection And Identification Of Rare Audiovisual Cues - Pharmacology Of Gaba And Glycine Neurotransmission - Critical Issues In Reproductive Health - The Rise Of Posthegemonic Regionalism - Innovations For Sustainable Building Design And Refurbishment In Scotland - Dynamic Stabilisation Of The Biped Lucy Powered By Actuators With Controllable Stiffness - The Universality Of Subjective Wellbeing Indicators - The Automotive Body - Early Detection And Localization Of Lung Tumors In High Risk Groups - Photochemistry And Photophysics Of Coordination Compounds Ii - Analog Circuits And Systems For Voltagemode And Currentmode Sensor Interfacing Applications - Artificial Intelligence In Recognition And Classification Of Astrophysical And Medical Images - Disciplines And Doctorates - Philosophical Foundations Of Science - Coping With Complexity Model Reduction And Data Analysis - Earth Sciences And Mathematics Volume I - Versorgungsepidemiologie Des Ulcus Cruris In Deutschland - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Green Communications And Networks 2012 Gcn 2012 Volume 4 - Mathematical Scattering Theory - John Gregorys Writings On Medical Ethics And Philosophy Of Medicine - Micro And Macrodata Of Firms - Highdynamicrange Hdr Vision - Complex Variables - Minimal Neoplasia - Integral Foam Molding Of Light Metals - Metamathematics Of Fuzzy Logic - Translocal Ruralism - Photoinduced Phenomena In Nucleic Acids I - Organosulfur Chemistry I - Semiconcave Functions Hamiltonjacobi Equations And Optimal Control - The Mazya Anniversary Collection - Adaptive Multilevel Solution Of Nonlinear Parabolic Pde Systems - Switchedcapacitor Techniques For Highaccuracy Filter And Adc Design - Modelling And Control Of Dialysis Systems - The Scientific Satellite Programme During The International Magnetospheric Study - Open Source Ecosystems Diverse Communities Interacting - Modified Nucleosides And Cancer - Trust Management V - Board Governance In Bank Foundations - Intelligent Distributed Computing Systems And Applications - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 201 - Progress And Rationality In Science - Cell And Molecular Biology Of The Uterus - Inelastic Light Scattering Of Semiconductor Nanostructures - Adjuvant Therapy Of Primary Breast Cancer - Modelling And Applications In Mathematics Education - Advances In Machine Learning And Data Analysis - Complex Analysis 2 - Antitumor Drug Resistance - Estrogens And Antiestrogens I - Genetic Algorithms For Applied Cad Problems - Parsing Theory - Exponentially Dichotomous Operators And Applications - Geocomputation Sustainability And Environmental Planning - Advanced Methods For Computational Collective Intelligence - Counseling International Students - Violence Through Environmental Discrimination - The Mathematics Of Internet Congestion Control - Activitybased Protein Profiling - Uncertainty Approaches For Spatial Data Modeling And Processing - Stabilization Of Linear Systems - Geodynamics Of Azorestunisia - Magnetism And Synchrotron Radiation Towards The Fourth Generation Light Sources - Practical Signcryption - The Wider Domain Of Evolutionary Thought - Intelligent Information Processing Ii - Adrenal And Endocrine Tumors In Children - Nutrition And Rheumatic Disease - Science And Its Public The Changing Relationship - The Theory And Practice Of Institutional Transplantation - Current Algebra And Phenomenological Lagrange Functions - A Dressing Method In Mathematical Physics - System Signatures And Their Applications In Engineering Reliability - Information Security And Privacy Research - Signal Transduction In Cancer - Index Matrices Towards An Augmented Matrix Calculus - Future Information Communication Technology And Applications - Pharmacology Of Peptic Ulcer Disease - The Three Galileos The Man The Spacecraft The Telescope - Fuzzy Equational Logic - High Mobility And Quantum Well Transistors - Towards An Advanced Modelling Of Complex Economic Phenomena - Ethical Issues In Health Care On The Frontiers Of The Twentyfirst Century - Inverse Problems In Scattering - Aging And Biological Rhythms - Proceedings Of The 2012 International Conference On Applied Biotechnology Icab 2012 - Digenetic Trematodes - Image Processing Techniques In Astronomy - The Attractor Mechanism - Advances In Electric And Electronics - Iutam Symposium On Mechanical Behavior And Micromechanics Of Nanostructured Materials - Evaluation In Planning - Desert Development - The Earth In Context - Das Haager Ubereinkommen Von 2005 - Computational Earthquake Physics Simulations Analysis And Infrastructure Part I - Astrophysical Concepts - Intelligent Numerical Methods Ii Applications To Multivariate Fractional Calculus - Adenocarcinoma Of The Esophagogastric Junction - Project Governance - A Course In Mathematical Logic For Mathematicians - Semiconductoroninsulator Materials For Nanoelectronics Applications - Knowledge And The World Challenges Beyond The Science Wars - Tumors Of The Liver - Artificial Intelligence Techniques For Computer Graphics - Fuzzy Probabilities And Fuzzy Sets For Web Planning - Jupiter Odyssey - Models Of Discovery - Magnetism And Synchrotron Radiation - Organometallic Bonding And Reactivity - Handbook Of Stochastic Models And Analysis Of Manufacturing System Operations - Mechanics Of Nonhomogeneous And Anisotropic Foundations - Theory Of Unconventional Superconductors - Metaheuristic Clustering - Theory And Practice Of Uncertain Programming - Kinetics Of Metalgas Interactions At Low Temperatures - Nonholonomic Manipulators - Underdetermination - Optimization Control And Applications Of Stochastic Systems - Power Systems Grounding - Rapid Ecg Interpretation - Engineering Methods In The Serviceoriented Context - Fluid And Electrolytes In Pediatrics - Induced Seismicity - Cyclophanes Ii - National Selfdetermination And Justice In Multinational States - Saponins Used In Traditional And Modern Medicine - Quality Of Fresh And Processed Foods - Fundamentals Of Algebraic Specification 2 - Points And Lines - Late Effects Of Treatment For Brain Tumors - Systemergonomic Design Of Cognitive Automation - The Sun From Space - 2nd International Multidisciplinary Microscopy And Microanalysis Congress - Convolution Operators And Factorization Of Almost Periodic Matrix Functions - Cholesterol - The Church Of England Charity Law And Human Rights - Scientia In Early Modern Philosophy - Heuristics Metaheuristics And Approximate Methods In Planning And Scheduling - Models Methods Concepts And Applications Of The Analytic Hierarchy Process - Design Of Digital Systems And Devices - Variable Lebesgue Spaces - Tropical Rainforest Responses To Climatic Change - Inclusive Human Machine Interaction For India - Spyware And Adware - Metaheuristics For Bilevel Optimization - High Nitrogen Steels - Selforganized Criticality In Astrophysics - Introduction To Astronomical Photometry - Multiobjective Machine Learning - Markov Bases In Algebraic Statistics - Apoptosis Mechanisms And Role In Disease - Multilateralism Regionalism And Bilateralism In Trade And Investment - Management Of Education In The Information Age - Computational Advancement In Communication Circuits And Systems - Financial Intermediation And Deregulation - Mental Health Philosophical Perspectives - Molecular And Cellular Biology Of Neuroprotection In The Cns - Intelligent Agents And Their Applications - Highorder Methods For Computational Physics - Malignant Lymphomas And Their Management - Handbook On Semidefinite Conic And Polynomial Optimization - Differential And Integral Operators - Comparative Endocrinology Of Prolactin - Recent Trends In The Condition Monitoring Of Transformers - Knowledge Management For Educational Innovation - Complex Networks Vi - Business Partnerships And Organizational Performance - Hypergeometric Summation - An Introduction To Laplace Transforms And Fourier Series - Pulmonary Infection - Numerical Astrophysics - Optical Properties Of Semiconductor Quantum Dots - Strategies For Quasimonte Carlo - Advanced Planning In Fresh Food Industries - University Dynamics And European Integration - Regionalizing Oman - Innovations In Intelligent Systems - Landscape Transformations And The Archaeology Of Impact - Enhancing The Quality Of Life Of People With Intellectual Disabilities - Risk Analysis In Stochastic Supply Chains - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics Xi - Views On Fuzzy Sets And Systems From Different Perspectives - Implicate Relations - Post‑transcriptional Regulation By Star Proteins - Recent Policy Issues In Environmental And Resource Economics - Multicarrier Systems And Solutions 2009 - Analysis On Fock Spaces - Computer And Computing Technologies In Agriculture Iii - Oversampling A D Converters With Improved Signal Transfer Functions - Mediators And Drugs In Gastrointestinal Motility I - Radial Basis Function Networks 1 - Progress In Transmission Electron Microscopy 2 - Design Of Ultralow Power Impulse Radios - Proceedings Of The First Symposium On Aviation Maintenance And Managementvolume I - Protocols For Highspeed Networks V - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 8 - Advances In Electrical Engineering And Computational Science - Formal Aspects In Security And Trust - Numbers - Use Of Extraterrestrial Resources For Human Space Missions To Moon Or Mars - Theoretical Methods For Strongly Correlated Electrons - The Development Of Bioethics In The United States - Games In Operations Management - Locoregional Highfrequency Hyperthermia And Temperature Measurement - Iutam Symposium On Mesoscopic Dynamics Of Fracture Process And Materials Strength - Nonstandard Analysis In Practice - Optoelectronic Circuits In Nanometer Cmos Technology - Cooperative Robots And Sensor Networks 2014 - Pulsed Power Systems - Fourier Bem - Genes And Environment In Cancer - Drug Resistance - Partial Differential Equations And Spectral Theory - Fuzzy Sets In The Management Of Uncertainty - Information Infrastructure Systems For Manufacturing - Mechanizing Hypothesis Formation - Light Scattering By Phononpolaritons - System Identification With Quantized Observations - The Polish School Of Philosophy Of Medicine - Xxi Daebrns High Energy Physics Symposium - Thermoelastic Models Of Continua - Galaxy Formation And Evolution - Measures Of Noncompactness In Metric Fixed Point Theory - Loadpull Techniques With Applications To Power Amplifier Design - Gaussian And Nongaussian Linear Time Series And Random Fields - Citizenship Curriculum In Asia And The Pacific - Spatial Database Systems - Lowfrequency Noise In Advanced Mos Devices - Value Chain Marketing - Phosphamidon - The Intersection Of History And Mathematics - Quarks And Nuclear Forces - Performancebased Seismic Engineering Vision For An Earthquake Resilient Society - Computer And Computing Technologies In Agriculture Iv - Algebraic Methods In Functional Analysis - Chinas Space Program From Conception To Manned Spaceflight - Is Water H2o - Methods Of Mathematical Modelling - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology 156 - Organometallic Fluorine Chemistry - Italian Mathematics Between The Two World Wars - Patterns Of Hci Design And Hci Design Of Patterns - Orbital Motion In Strongly Perturbed Environments - The Economic Impact Of International Monetary Fund Programmes - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensed Matter Physics Iii - Rough Set Theory And Granular Computing - Dynamics Of Disordered Materials - Linkage In Evolutionary Computation - Fault Diagnosis And Faulttolerant Control Strategies For Nonlinear Systems - Researching The Future In Information Systems - Hybrid Hydrogen Systems - Cost Optimal And Nearly Zeroenergy Buildings Nzeb - Cognitiondriven Decision Support For Business Intelligence - The Ethics Of Managed Care Professional Integrity And Patient Rights - Sedation At The Endoflife An Interdisciplinary Approach - Femtosecond Realtime Spectroscopy Of Small Molecules And Clusters - Recent Developments In Operator Theory And Its Applications - Perspectives On Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering - Stochastic Orders - Microscopy Of Semiconducting Materials - Fundamentals Of Space Medicine - Membrane Potential Imaging In The Nervous System And Heart - Corona And Related Viruses - Organic Chemistry And Theory - Tsunami And Its Hazards In The Indian And Pacific Oceans - Elementary Differential Geometry - Advances In Probabilistic Graphical Models - Oncogenes And Tumor Suppressor Genes In Human Malignancies - Fuzzy Quantifiers - Security And Privacy In User Modeling - Solar Lighting - Names Natures And Things - Theory Of Elasticity And Thermal Stresses - Multimedia Internet Broadcasting - Lectures In Functional Analysis And Operator Theory - Advances And Applications In Sliding Mode Control Systems - Realworld Wireless Sensor Networks - The Future Of Small Telescopes In The New Millennium - Archaeology And The Capitalist World System - Real World Justice - Generalized Solutions Of First Order Pdes - Differential Equations Chaos And Variational Problems - Software And Network Engineering - Sphingolipids Sphingolipidoses And Allied Disorders - Chemical Diagnostics - Open Source Development Communities And Quality - Managing Service Productivity - Introduction To Evolutionary Genomics - Fusion Methods For Unsupervised Learning Ensembles - Exact Statistical Methods For Data Analysis - Advances In Behavioral Economics - Manufacturing And Service Enterprise With Risks Ii - The Chemistry Of Organophosphorus Compounds Ii - The Hadley Circulation Present Past And Future - The Analytic Hierarchy Process In Natural Resource And Environmental Decision Making - Spanish Studies In The Philosophy Of Science - Solar Energy In The Winemaking Industry - Matvei Petrovich Bronstein And Soviet Theoretical Physics In The Thirties - Variational Methods For Discontinuous Structures - Performance Measurement In Corporate Governance - Solidarity In Health And Social Care In Europe - Biological Reactive Intermediates Iii - Evolution Of The Web In Artificial Intelligence Environments - Vom Schwierigen Umgang Mit Massengewalt - Ernst Mach Physicist And Philosopher - Natural Computing In Computational Finance - Evolution Of Information Technology In Educational Management - Supply Chain And Logistics In National International And Governmental Environment - Fuzzy Mathematics Approximation Theory - Omnidirectional Inductive Powering For Biomedical Implants - Simulating Continuous Fuzzy Systems - Reflections On The History Of Computing - Essays In Production Project Planning And Scheduling - Intersecting Interregionalism - An Introduction To Operator Polynomials - Light Scattering Reviews - Algebraic Theories - Microarray Technology And Cancer Gene Profiling - Elastin And Elastic Tissue - Learning Motor Skills - Language In Focus Foundations Methods And Systems - Managing Supply Chain Risk - Proceedings Of The Mediterranean Conference On Information And Communication Technologies 2015 - Recent Developments In Intelligent Information And Database Systems - Species Richness - Multimedia And Ubiquitous Engineering - Riemannian Geometry And Geometric Analysis - Carbohydrates In Sustainable Development I - National Military Establishments And The Advancement Of Science And Technology - Nonlinear Diffusion Equations And Their Equilibrium States 3 - Benchmarking Collaborative Networks - Dynamics Of Planets And Satellites And Theories Of Their Motion - Informatics And Management Science V - Tutorials On Emerging Methodologies And Applications In Operations Research - Modern Geometry Methods And Applications - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 223 - Optimal Domain And Integral Extension Of Operators - Ruthenium Catalysts And Fine Chemistry - Microelectronics Electromagnetics And Telecommunications - Database Security X - Theory Of Complex Functions - Higher Education In The Asiapacific - Introduction To Rare Event Simulation - Intertemporal Macroeconomics - Germfree Biology Experimental And Clinical Aspects - Antisense Research And Application - Molecular Imaging I - Research Advances In Database And Information Systems Security - Dynamicmismatch Mapping For Digitallyassisted Dacs - Innovative Computing Methods And Their Applications To Engineering Problems - Thermomechanics Of Composite Structures Under High Temperatures - Evolutionary Computation In Data Mining - Information Und Menschenbild - Expository Science Forms And Functions Of Popularisation - Efficient Secure Twoparty Protocols - Chemistry And Physics Of Solid Surfaces Viii - User Modeling And Adaptation For Daily Routines - Research And Technology Management In The Electricity Industry - Biocommunication In Soil Microorganisms - From Modeldriven Design To Resource Management For Distributed Embedded Systems - Antipoverty Psychology - Image Analysis For Ophthalmological Diagnosis - Case Studies In Operations Research - Fundamentals Of Space Biology - Domain Decomposition Methods In Science And Engineering - Computational Partial Differential Equations - Performance Of Information And Communication Systems - Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Methods For Electrical Machines And Drive Systems - The Knowledge Society - Numerical Methods For Structured Matrices And Applications - Binary And Multiple Stars As Tracers Of Stellar Evolution - Writing The History Of Mathematics Its Historical Development - Geodynamics Of Lithosphere And Earths Mantle - Cloud Computing For Enterprise Architectures - Densityfunctional Methods For Excited States - Current Topics On Deformation Monitoring And Modelling Geodynamics And Natural Hazards - Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy - Immunobiology And Prophylaxis Of Human Herpesvirus Infections - Continuoustime Markov Jump Linear Systems - Interpreting Physics - Longrange Charge Transfer In Dna I - Towards Safe Robots - The Gini Methodology - Spectral And High Order Methods For Partial Differential Equations Icosahom 2014 - Generalized Lowvoltage Circuit Techniques For Very Highspeed Timeinterleaved Analogtodigital Converters - Proactive Dynamic Vehicle Routing - Calabiyau Manifolds And Related Geometries - Boundary And Interior Layers Computational And Asymptotic Methods Bail 2014 - Advances And Applications In Nonlinear Control Systems - Taming The Yellow River Silt And Floods - Multiresolution Methods In Scattered Data Modelling - Designing Software For The Mobile Context - A Formal Background To Mathematics 2a - Power Electronics For Renewable And Distributed Energy Systems - Dusty And Selfgravitational Plasmas In Space - Compiler Generators - The Arid Frontier - Molecular Similarity Ii - Social Informatics An Information Society For All In Remembrance Of Rob Kling - Managing Intermittent Demand - New Results In Operator Theory And Its Applications - Respirology - The Superoxideforming Nadph Oxidase Of Phagocytes - Aspartic Proteinases - Us Spacesuits - Embedded System Design Topics Techniques And Trends - Functional Statistics And Applications - Advances In Fuzzy Decision Making - Frontiers And Challenges In Warm Dense Matter - Fructose High Fructose Corn Syrup Sucrose And Health - Nicotine Psychopharmacology - The Formation Structure And Activity Of Phytochemicals - Fatigue In Patients With Cancer - Nutritional Improvement Of Food And Feed Proteins - Recent Studies In Geophysical Hazards - The Plurality Of Power - Beverages In Nutrition And Health - Neuroreceptor Mechanisms In Brain - Evolutionary Algorithms And Chaotic Systems - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 189 - Aerogels - Condition Monitoring And Assessment Of Power Transformers Using Computational Intelligence - Managing Diversified Portfolios - Das Bedingungslose Grundeinkommen Als Liberaler Entwurf - Complex Systems In Knowledgebased Environments Theory Models And Applications - Handbook Of Semidefinite Programming - Usercentered Interaction Design Patterns For Interactive Digital Television Applications - Fundamental Physics In Particle Traps - Wind Energy Systems For Electric Power Generation - Black Hole Gravitohydromagnetics - Fuzzy Networks For Complex Systems - Advancing The Frontiers Of Simulation - Ultrafast Phenomena In Spectroscopy - Spectral And High Order Methods For Partial Differential Equations Icosahom 2012 - Guide To Dataflow Supercomputing - Heparin And Related Polysaccharides - The Genus Yersinia - Humancentred Web Adaptation And Personalization - Nexafs Spectroscopy - Drugs And Fetal Development - Systems Of Conservation Laws - Networked Information Technologies - Fansein - Notes On Geometry - Secondary Metabolites In Soil Ecology - Phosphorus Chemistry I - Parallel Evolutionary Computations - Advanced Soa Tools And Applications - Inhibitors To Coagulation Factors - Cognitive Techniques In Visual Data Interpretation - Recent Advances In Phototrophic Prokaryotes - Electroweak Precision Tests At Lep - Light Scattering Reviews 3 - Iteration Theories - Advances In Digital Forensics Vi - Success In Evolutionary Computation - Analytical Problems - Computational Intelligence In Medical Informatics - Energy Decisions And The Environment - Desorption Induced By Electronic Transitions Diet Ii - A Course In Formal Languages Automata And Groups - Freedom Recognition And Nondomination - Human Centric Technology And Service In Smart Space - Bohmian Mechanics And Quantum Theory An Appraisal - Vascular Endothelium In Health And Disease - Begleiten Beraten Und Coachen - Hermeneutic Philosophy Of Science Van Goghs Eyes And God - Bridges Between Science Society And Policy - Robert Of Chesters Redaction Of Euclids Elements The Socalled Adelard Ii Version - Fostering Innovation And Entrepreneurship - Seismogenesis And Earthquake Forecasting The Frank Evison Volume Ii - Aging Research In Yeast - Handbook On Modelling For Discrete Optimization - Controversies In The Management Of Lymphomas - Risk Assessment And Management In The Networked Economy - Merging Processes In Galaxy Clusters - Moral Acquaintances And Moral Decisions - Time‒frequency And Time‒scale Methods - Vasopeptides - Kekula© Structures In Benzenoid Hydrocarbons - The Genetic Basis Of Male Infertility - The Sense Of Touch And Its Rendering - Data Management In Pervasive Systems - Analysis And Simulation Of Contact Problems - Chemoreception - At The Foundations Of Bioethics And Biopolitics Critical Essays On The Thought Of H Tristram Engelhardt Jr - Biologicallyinspired Collaborative Computing - Handbook Of Social Movements Across Latin America - Immune Mechanisms Of Pain And Analgesia - Metal Carbenes In Organic Synthesis - Applications Of Soft Computing In Time Series Forecasting - Recent Advancements In System Modelling Applications - School Leadership International Perspectives - Next Generation Data Technologies For Collective Computational Intelligence - China Satellite Navigation Conference Csnc 2014 Proceedings Volume Ii - Enhancing Cognitive Assistance Systems With Inertial Measurement Units - Network Governance - Proceedings Of The Second International Conference On Mechatronics And Automatic Control - Cancer Immunology Innovative Approaches To Therapy - Stellar Paths - Cytotoxic Drugs And The Granulopoietic System - Fast Neutrons And Highlet Particles In Cancer Therapy - Optimal Transport For Applied Mathematicians - Selected Topics Of The Theory Of Chemical Elementary Processes - Intelligent Decision Systems In Largescale Distributed Environments - Circulating Regulatory Factors And Neuroendocrine Function - The Robust Maximum Principle - High Pressure Bioscience - Physical Processes In Red Giants - Engineering Vibration Analysis - Service Orientation In Holonic And Multiagent Manufacturing - Sequence Comparison - Oscillations In Chemical Reactions - Multicriteria And Multiagent Decision Making With Applications To Economics And Social Sciences - Orthogonal Matrixvalued Polynomials And Applications - Unfoldings - Integrating Renewables In Electricity Markets - Vacation Queueing Models - Functional Design Errors In Digital Circuits - Visualizing Argumentation - Eservice Intelligence - The Demography Of Health And Health Care Second Edition - An Invitation To Von Neumann Algebras - Architecture Exploration Of Fpga Based Accelerators For Bioinformatics Applications - Cultural And Social Justice Counseling - The Analysis And Geometry Of Hardys Inequality - The Paraboloidal Reflector Antenna In Radio Astronomy And Communication - Technetium And Rhenium - Advanced Computational Intelligence Paradigms In Healthcare 2 - Stability Augmentation Of A Gridconnected Wind Farm - Electrochemistry Vi - Principles And Theory For Data Mining And Machine Learning - Emissions Of Atmospheric Trace Compounds - Purinergic Regulation Of Respiratory Diseases - Smoothing Methods In Statistics - Laboratory Microxray Fluorescence Spectroscopy - Penandpaper User Interfaces - Cancer Biology And The Nuclear Envelope - Embedded Memory Design For Multicore And Systems On Chip - Continual Means And Boundary Value Problems In Function Spaces - Asymmetric Economic Integration - Design Principles For Interactive Software - Modeldriven Development Of Advanced User Interfaces - Struggling For Leadership Antwerprotterdam Port Competition Between 1870 2000 - Investigations Into The Origin Of Language And Consciousness - Shaping Rural Areas In Europe - Radioactive Phosphorus In The Diagnosis Of Gastrointestinal Cancer - Early Life Origins Of Health And Disease - Exoplanets - Insulation Measurement And Supervision In Live Ac And Dc Unearthed Systems - Stm And Afm Studies On Biomolecular Systems Unravelling The Nanoworld - Precursor Chemistry Of Advanced Materials - Metabolic Control - Variational Methods In Theoretical Mechanics - Recent Advances In Algorithmic Differentiation - Research And Research Education In Music Performance And Pedagogy - Early History Of Cosmic Ray Studies - Underconstrained Structural Systems - Inorganic And Analytical Chemistry - Astronomical Image And Data Analysis - Dialectics Of The Concrete - Emerging Intelligent Technologies In Industry - Parks And People In Postcolonial Societies - Observational Calculi And Association Rules - Piriformospora Indica - Iutam Symposium On Synthesis In Bio Solid Mechanics - Evaluating Feynman Integrals - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Vii - After Popper Kuhn And Feyerabend - Limitations Of National Sovereignty Through European Integration - Physical Layer Multicore Prototyping - Black Hole Astrophysics - Structure And Function Of The Aspartic Proteinases - Physics And Modelling Of Wind Erosion - Food Safety Governance - Italian Studies In The Philosophy Of Science - Biology And Ecology Of The Brown Sea Trout - Stochastic Models Information Theory And Lie Groups Volume 2 - Atom And Individual In The Age Of Newton - Scientific Structuralism - Organometallic Flow Chemistry - Mathematical Methods Of Classical Mechanics - Handbook Of The Sociology Of The Military - Transferring Human Impedance Regulation Skills To Robots - Iutam Symposium On Evolutionary Methods In Mechanics - Penetrating Bars Through Masks Of Cosmic Dust - Option Theory With Stochastic Analysis - Radicals In Biochemistry - Folyl And Antifolyl Polyglutamates - Scientific Basis Of Cancer Chemotherapy - Bargaining Over Time Allocation - Modeling And Adaptive Nonlinear Control Of Electric Motors - Moving Loads On Ice Plates - Lexical Availability In English And Spanish As A Second Language - The Calculus Of Variations - Elasticity For Geotechnicians - Field And Galois Theory - Organizational Epistemology - Multiobjective Swarm Intelligent Systems - Institutional Integrity In Health Care - Purine Metabolism In Maniii - Key Competencies In The Knowledge Society - Advances In Semantic Media Adaptation And Personalization - Research Directions In Data And Applications Security Xviii - Hyperpolarization Methods In Nmr Spectroscopy - Lightresponsive Nanostructured Systems For Applications In Nanomedicine - Dynamics Of Vortex Structures In A Stratified Rotating Fluid - Performance Analysis Of Atm Networks - Intrusion Detection In Distributed Systems - Wireless Sensors In Heterogeneous Networked Systems - Global Warming Myth Or Reality - Natural Products In Cancer Prevention And Therapy - 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Remote Sensing Of Atmosphere And Ocean From Space Models Instruments And Techniques - New Drugs Concepts And Results In Cancer Chemotherapy - Oxidative Stress And Cardiorespiratory Function - String Figures As Mathematics - Hierarchical Matrices - Notch Signaling In Embryology And Cancer - Countdown To A Moon Launch - Handbook Of Markov Decision Processes - Polycrystalline Semiconductors Ii - Reflecting Telescope Optics I - Intractable Seizures - Consumerdriven Demand And Operations Management Models - Future Spacecraft Propulsion Systems - The Social Direction Of The Public Sciences - Permafrost Soils - Biostatistical Applications In Cancer Research - Evolutionary Image Analysis And Signal Processing - Co2 A Valuable Source Of Carbon - Spectral Theory Of Hyponormal Operators - Hardware Implementation Of Intelligent Systems - Intelligence In Communication Systems - Multihazard Simulation And Cyberinfrastructure - Labor And Employment Relations In A Globalized World - Plasma Chemistry I - Currentinduced Nonequilibrium Phenomena In Quasionedimensional Superconductors - An Introduction To Plasma Astrophysics And Magnetohydrodynamics - Large Order Perturbation Theory And Summation Methods In Quantum Mechanics - Multiphoton Processes And Attosecond Physics - Optical Networks And Technologies - Handbook Of Operations Research Applications At Railroads - Collective Ion Acceleration - Matter And Mind - Maimonides And The Sciences - Multimedia Services In Intelligent Environments - Continuum Damage Mechanics - Seismogenic And Tsunamigenic Processes In Shallow Subduction Zones - A History Of The Central Limit Theorem - Gammaray Bursts - Creative Environments - Philosophy Of Syntax - Structure And Evolution Of The Galaxy - The Theory Of Differential Equations - Supply Chain Analysis - Mechanical Behaviour Of Materials - Ionselective Microelectrodes - Relocating The History Of Science - Medicine And Society New Perspectives In Continental Philosophy - A Course On Mathematical Logic - Privacy And Identity Management For The Future Internet In The Age Of Globalisation - Computational Intelligence Applications In Modeling And Control - Peptide Growth Factors And Their Receptors Ii - International Congress On Energy Efficiency And Energy Related Materials Enefm2013 - Fundamentals Of Differential Geometry - Cscw Requirements And Evaluation - Advances In Invariant Subspaces And Other Results Of Operator Theory - Dynamics Of Fracture - Intelligent Structural Systems - Phosphoruscarbon Double Bonds - Resilienz Komplexer Regionalsysteme - Brennstoffzellen Und Virtuelle Kraftwerke - Continuity Integration And Fourier Theory - A Course In Enumeration - Innovative Issues In Intelligent Systems - Eicosanoids And Other Bioactive Lipids In Cancer Inflammation And Radiation Injury 2 - Logic Language And Reasoning - Diet Quality - Substrate Noise Coupling In Rfics - Cagebased Performance Capture - Synthetic And Structural Problems - Androgene I - Death Receptors And Cognate Ligands In Cancer - 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Artificial Intelligence Methods And Tools For Systems Biology - The Hubble Space Telescope - Postponement Strategies In Supply Chain Management - Introduction To The Theory Of Toeplitz Operators With Infinite Index - Analogy In Indian And Western Philosophical Thought - Supportive Care In Cancer Patients - Most Honourable Remembrance - Automated Web Site Evaluation - Molecular Aspects Of The Stress Response Chaperones Membranes And Networks - Cno Isotopes In Astrophysics - Critical Infrastructure Protection - Mathematical Economics Of Multilevel Optimisation - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xiv - Fourier Series - Space Weather - Fire Properties Of Polymer Composite Materials - Natural Kinds Laws Of Nature And Scientific Methodology - Time Space And Society - Foundations Of Computational Intelligence - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 233 - Ultraviolet Radiation In The Solar System - Modelling Landuse Change - Integrated Cmos Circuits For Optical Communications - Catalytic Carbonylation Reactions - Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms - Tissue Hypoxia And Ischemia - Texplore Temporal Difference Reinforcement Learning For Robots And Timeconstrained Domains - A Decade Of Research On School Principals - 1st World Congress On Electroporation And Pulsed Electric Fields In Biology Medicine And Food And Environmental Technologies - A Journey Through Cultures - Artificial And Reconstituted Membrane Systems - Poverty And Psychology - Bacterial Invasion Into Eukaryotic Cells - Asymptotic Theory Of Statistical Inference For Time Series - European Financial Markets - Quasigeostrophic Theory Of Oceans And Atmosphere - Big Data And Internet Of Things A Roadmap For Smart Environments - Spatial Contact Problems In Geotechnics - Applied Bayesian And Classical Inference - Drugs Of Abuse Immunity And Immunodeficiency - A Classical Invitation To Algebraic Numbers And Class Fields - Minimally Invasive Tumor Therapies - Intelligence And Security Informatics - Advances In Probabilistic Databases For Uncertain Information Management - Spinorbit Coupling Effects In Twodimensional Electron And Hole Systems - Spin Fluctuation Theory Of Itinerant Electron Magnetism - Mobile Computation With Functions - Decisionmaking In Engineering Design - Climate And Water - Mathematical Seti - Gene Expression In Muscle - Symbolic Modeling Of Multibody Systems - Phenomenology And Dialectical Materialism - Culture Change And The New Technology - Phytochemical Effects Of Environmental Compounds - Developmental Studies On Giant Chromosomes - Biology Of The Mammary Gland - Gastrointestinal Cancer 1 - Advances In Fetal And Neonatal Physiology - Semiconductor Interfaces Formation And Properties - Higher Education In A Globalising World - Introduction To Data Mining And Its Applications - Technological Development And Science In The Industrial Age - The Rocket Men - French Studies In The Philosophy Of Science - James Stirlings Methodus Differentialis - Noncoding Rna And The Reproductive System - Security Management Integrity And Internal Control In Information Systems - Plane And Solid Geometry - Nonlinear Analysis Of Thinwalled Structures - Glucagon Iii - Subsidiaritat In Europa - Novel Chemical Tools To Study Ion Channel Biology - Advances In Ict For Business Industry And Public Sector - Targeted Drug Delivery - Eclipses Transits And Comets Of The Nineteenth Century - Handbook Of Causal Analysis For Social Research - Cancer And Zebrafish - Robotic Exploration And Landmark Determination - In Situ Nmr Methods In Catalysis - Numerical Analysis Of Multiscale Computations - Elisha Bartletts Philosophy Of Medicine - Handbook Of The Sociology Of Morality - Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars - Chebyshev Splines And Kolmogorov Inequalities - Space Engineering - Intelligent Data Mining - Neurobiology Of Respiration - Handbook Of The Sociology Of Mental Health - Ice Drift Ocean Circulation And Climate Change - Emerging Trends In Computing And Communication - Rockefeller And The Internationalization Of Mathematics Between The Two World Wars - Advances In Electronic Engineering Communication And Management Vol1 - Soft Xray Emission From Clusters Of Galaxies And Related Phenomena - Finite Element Analysis For Composite Structures - Configuring Userdesigner Relations - Business Cycles In The Contemporary World - Genes Oncogenes And Hormones - Structural Complexity Ii - Sustainable Supply Chains - Trust Management Vi - Vascular Disease And Injury - Algebraic Graph Theory - Machining Impossible Shapes - Hyperbolic Geometry - Crosscultural Perspectives On The Impossibility Of Global Bioethics - Mechanics Of Poroelastic Media - The Sky Is Your Laboratory - The Method Of The Correlation Function In Superconductivity Theory - Collective Effects In Quantum Statistics Of Radiation And Matter - New Concepts Iii - Ocean Wave Energy - The Exploration Of Supramolecular Systems And Nanostructures By Photochemical Techniques - Quality Assurance In Higher Education - Mechanisms Of Anesthetic Action In Skeletal Cardiac And Smooth Muscle - Logic And Architecture Synthesis - Education For The 21st Century Impact Of Ict And Digital Resources - Costbenefit Analysis And The Theory Of Fuzzy Decisions - Riemannian Manifolds - Large Scale Structure And Motions In The Universe - Endocrine Neoplasia - Universal Algebra For Computer Scientists - Combining Experimentation And Theory - Complications Of Cancer Chemotherapy - Toeplitz Operators And Related Topics - Chemistry And Biology Of Serpins - Implementing Systems For Supporting Management Decisions - Leading Diverse Schools - Systemic Transformation Trade And Economic Growth - Soft Computing In Ontologies And Semantic Web - Digital Makebelieve - Financial Structure And Stability - Cellular And Molecular Mechanisms In Hypertension - Additive Number Theory Inverse Problems And The Geometry Of Sumsets - Operations Research And Health Care - Practical Guide To Geoengineering - Biocontrol Of Lepidopteran Pests - Auger Spectroscopy And Electronic Structure - East European Transition And Eu Enlargement - The Coronasf Space Mission - Europa The Ocean Moon - Lateral Power Transistors In Integrated Circuits - Cosmic Biology - Diet And Atherosclerosis - Photonhadron Interactions I - Operatorrelated Function Theory And Timefrequency Analysis - Statistical Dynamics And Reliability Theory For Mechanical Structures - African Legal Theory And Contemporary Problems - Quasistationary Distributions - Handbook Of Transportation Science - The Sun Recorded Through History - Perspectives And Policies On Ict In Society - Advances In Chance Discovery - Preferences And Decisions - Suborbital - Recent Research In Financial Modelling - Intelligent Automation And Systems Engineering - Paranoia A Study In Diagnosis - Towards Sustainable Building - Elegance And Enigma - Polyarenes Ii - Contemporary Problems In Carbonium Ion Chemistry I Ii - Vibration Of Discrete And Continuous Systems - Endotoxins Structure Function And Recognition - Tumor Immunology And Cancer Vaccines - A Course In Mathematical Logic - Symplectic Geometry And Quantum Mechanics - Advanced Finite Element Methods And Applications - The Psychology Of Global Mobility - A Practical Guide To Averaging Functions - Early Nutrition And Its Later Consequences New Opportunities - In Vitro Culture Of Mycorrhizas - Finalization In Science - Information Technology For Balanced Manufacturing Systems - Environmental Change And Agricultural Sustainability In The Mekong Delta - Risk And Society The Interaction Of Science Technology And Public Policy - Eukaryotic Cell Cultures - A Hilbert Space Problem Book - Global Carbon Cycle And Climate Change - Patterns Of Change - Transgenesis And The Management Of Vectorborne Disease - Cyclophanes 1 - Fuzzy Systems In Medicine - Relationships And Mechanisms In The Periodic Table - Foundations Of Systems Biology - Complement Therapeutics - Topological Quantum Field Theory And Four Manifolds - Wide Area Workflow Management - Collaborative Virtual Environments - Bayesian Forecasting And Dynamic Models - Reason And The Search For Knowledge - Informatics And Management Science Iii - The Development Of Quines Philosophy - Governance And Sustainability In Information Systems Managing The Transfer And Diffusion Of It - Geographical Information Systems In Assessing Natural Hazards - Modern Inhalation Anesthetics - Measures Of Noncompactness And Condensing Operators - Variation Aware Analog And Mixedsignal Circuit Design In Emerging Multigate Cmos Technologies - Infrared Spectroscopy Of Molecular Clusters - Physics Of Planetary Rings - Dynamics Of Quasistable Dissipative Systems - The Science Of Nature In The Seventeenth Century - Atmospheric And Aerosol Chemistry - Urea Transporters - Platelet Function - Consciousness Inside And Out Phenomenology Neuroscience And The Nature Of Experience - The Dynamic Sun - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xx - Emerging Trends In Computing Informatics Systems Sciences And Engineering - Information Handling In Astronomy - Unintended Consequences Of Renewable Energy - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology Vol 164 - Umts Origins Architecture And The Standard - Fourier Analysis And Its Applications - Algebraic And Geometric Methods In Mathematical Physics - Weights Extrapolation And The Theory Of Rubio De Francia - Physics Of Space Storms - Constraints Of Agency - Geodesic And Horocyclic Trajectories - Advances In Nutrition And Cancer - Environment Exposure To Pollutants - Introduction To Analytical Dynamics - Breastfeeding Early Influences On Later Health - Strange Phenomena In Convex And Discrete Geometry - Mechanics Of Advanced Materials - The Principles Of Astronomical Telescope Design - Axon Growth And Guidance - Representations Of Compact Lie Groups - Japanese Mathematics In The Edo Period 16001868 - Evaluating User Experience In Games - An Expedition To Continuum Theory - Introduction To Wind Turbine Aerodynamics - Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based On Generalized Linear Models - Modular Load Flow For Restructured Power Systems - Reengineering For Sustainable Industrial Production - Systems Biology Of Metabolic And Signaling Networks - Information System Concepts An Integrated Discipline Emerging - Software Engineering Frameworks For The Cloud Computing Paradigm - Brain Repair - Genetic Damage In Human Spermatozoa - 4th Party Cyber Logistics For Air Cargo - Ii Latin American Conference On Bioimpedance - Music Education For Changing Times - Probabilistic Approaches To Robotic Perception - High Performance Networking - Recent Progress In Data Engineering And Internet Technology - Industrial Research Performance Management - Private Intergenerational Transfers And Population Aging - Advances In Wireless Sensors And Sensor Networks - Inflammation And Gastrointestinal Cancers - Geography History And Social Sciences - Purine And Pyrimidine Metabolism In Man V - Jacopo Da Firenzes Tractatus Algorismi And Early Italian Abbacus Culture - Seasonal Forecasts Climatic Change And Human Health - The New Sociotech - Computational Intelligence In Healthcare 4 - Physical Sciences And History Of Physics - Orbitals In Chemistry - Dynamics Of Internal Gravity Waves In The Ocean - Typhoon Impact And Crisis Management - Neurofuzzy Associative Machinery For Comprehensive Brain And Cognition Modelling - Values And Violence - Surviving 1000 Centuries - Seismic Waves In Laterally Inhomogeneous Media - Social Dimensions Of Information And Communication Technology Policy - Microrna Cancer - Perspectives In Analysis - The Teaching And Learning Of Mathematics At University Level - Sensors And Microsystems - Drug Addiction Ii - Electric Power System Planning - Atmospheres Of Earth And The Planets - The Fourier Transform In Biomedical Engineering - A Handbook Of Transcription Factors - Iutam Symposium On Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics - Engineering Ceramics - Liber Mahameleth - Fuchsian Reduction - The Unitary Group For The Evaluation Of Electronic Energy Matrix Elements - Simulation - High Energy Cosmic Rays - Iutam Symposium On Multiscale Modelling Of Damage And Fracture Processes In Composite Materials - Proceedings Of The First International Conference On Advanced Data And Information Engineering Daeng2013 - Effective Properties Of Heterogeneous Materials - Inorganic Biochemistry - A Practical Introduction To Fuzzy Logic Using Lisp - Moving Target Defense Ii - Graphs And Matrices - The Psychology Of Quality Of Life - Decision Science And Social Risk Management - Dynamical Systems And Cosmology - Web Data Mining - Valuation Of Network Effects In Software Markets - Lecture Notes On Composite Materials - The Letters And Papers Of Jan Hendrik Oort - Performance And Management Of Complex Communication Networks - The Professional Education And Development Of Teachers Of Mathematics - From Coherent Tunneling To Relaxation - Capillary Surfaces - Modelling And Reasoning With Vague Concepts - Immunobiology Of Proteins And Peptides Vii - Seismic Ground Motion In Large Urban Areas - Classical Tessellations And Threemanifolds - Advanced Structural Dynamics And Active Control Of Structures - Essays On Transport Economics - Coherent Light Microscopy - Searching The Heavens And The Earth - Clusters And Groups Of Galaxies - Cyclic Nucleotides - Handbook Of Analytic Philosophy Of Medicine - Advances In Timedelay Systems - Phase Space Analysis Of Partial Differential Equations - Compact Stars - Growth And Coarsening - Advanced Data Warehouse Design - 11th Mediterranean Conference On Medical And Biological Engineering And Computing 2007 - Paediatric Oncology - Radio Recombination Lines - The Historical Development Of Energetics - Terahertz Technology - Formal Methods For Open Objectbased Distributed Systems Iv - Soft Computing In Information Retrieval - Computational Optimization Methods And Algorithms - Manned Laboratories In Space - Quantum Inspired Intelligent Systems - Knowledge Intensive Cad - Information Science And Applications Icisa 2016 - Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors In The Cns - Sample Survey Theory - Domain Decomposition Methods In Science And Engineering Xxi - Risk Analysis In Forest Management - Earthquake Processes Physical Modelling Numerical Simulation And Data Analysis Part I - Rational Series And Their Languages - Intermediate Dynamics - Nutrition And Bone Health - Guide To Wireless Ad Hoc Networks - Silicone Composite Insulators - Advances In Production Management Systems Competitive Manufacturing For Innovative Products And Services - The Evolution Of The Biosphere - Langfristiges Planen - Eta Carinae And The Supernova Impostors - Polynomials And Polynomial Inequalities - 5hydroxytryptamine And Related Indolealkylamines - A Theory Of Employment In Firms - Sampling Theory A Renaissance - Aidsrelated Neoplasias - Electric Fields In Composite Dielectrics And Their Applications - Continuum Mechanics Through The Ages From The Renaissance To The Twentieth Century - Zerocarbon Energy Kyoto 2009 - Histamine In Inflammation - Neurosemantics - Introduction To Timedelay Systems - The Economics And Regulation Of Financial Privacy - Chaosbased Cryptography - Optical Detectors For Astronomy - Heaven And Earth In Ancient Greek Cosmology - Chromatin Dynamics In Cellular Function - Natural Toxins 2 - Nutrition In Kidney Disease - The Scientific Enterprise - Kinins Iv - Sustainable Forest Management In A Changing World A European Perspective - Logical Structures For Representation Of Knowledge And Uncertainty - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 10 - Going Amiss In Experimental Research - Holomorphic Operator Functions Of One Variable And Applications - Halogen Bonding I - General Parabolic Mixed Order Systems In Lp And Applications - Virally Infected Cells - Monitoring Of Harmful Algal Blooms - Theoretical Developments And Applications Of Noninteger Order Systems - Egovernment Ict Professionalism And Competences Service Science - Hypothalamic Peptide Hormones And Pituitary Regulation - Preferences And Decisions Under Incomplete Knowledge - Lookahead Based Sigmadelta Modulation - Conflicts Between Generalization Rigor And Intuition - China In Space - Intelligent Interactive Systems In Knowledgebased Environments - Wavelets In Numerical Simulation - Molecular Orbitals - Beyond Reason - Video Bioinformatics - The Growth Of Medical Knowledge - Geospatial Technology And The Role Of Location In Science - Solar Activity And Earths Climate - Stochastic Coalgebraic Logic - Streptococci And The Host - The Internationalization Of Law And Legal Education - Aspects Of Soft Computing Intelligent Robotics And Control - Knowledgebased Virtual Education - Learning Languages Learning Life Skills - Modelbased Control Of Networked Systems - Call Admission Control In Mobile Cellular Networks - Embedded And Multimedia Computing Technology And Service - Hypoxia And Exercise - Visual Perception And Robotic Manipulation - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics V - Tsunami Research At The End Of A Critical Decade - African Climate And Climate Change - Xray Lasers 2010 - Innovations In Intelligent Image Analysis - Transverse Patterns In Nonlinear Optical Resonators - Cancers Of The Skin - 8th International Conference On Cell And Stem Cell Engineering Icce - Theology And Bioethics - Mechanisms In The Pathogenesis Of Enteric Diseases - Radiation Oncology Advances - Looking At It From Asia The Processes That Shaped The Sources Of History Of Science - A Short Course On Operator Semigroups - State Of The Universe 2008 - Intellectual Property Management In Randd Collaborations - Neutral Kaons - Multimodal Usability - Between Artifacts And Texts - Cooperative Robots And Sensor Networks 2015 - Understanding Virtual Design Studios - 5th Kuala Lumpur International Conference On Biomedical Engineering 2011 - The Relativistic Deduction - Probability Measures On Semigroups - Linking Climate Change To Land Surface Change - Advancing Quality Of Life In A Turbulent World - Chalcogenocarboxylic Acid Derivatives - Bioorganometallic Chemistry - The Physics Of Thin Film Optical Spectra - αgal And Antigal - Collected Works Of J D Eshelby - Advances In Digital Forensics Ix - Residues Of Pesticides And Other Contaminants In The Total Environment - Nanomaterials Imaging Techniques Surface Studies And Applications - Chance Discoveries In Real World Decision Making - Visual Database Systems 4 - Seismic Risk Assessment And Retrofitting - Urogenital Infections - Video Search And Mining - Ipa Concepts And Applications In Engineering - Essentials Of Bedside Cardiology - Collisional Processes In The Solar System - 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Smart Information And Knowledge Management - Transgenic Models In Pharmacology - Nonequilibrium Phenomena In Plasmas - Brazilian Studies In Philosophy And History Of Science - Progress In Planar Optical Waveguides - Living In Worlds Of Music - Androgens Ii And Antiandrogens Androgene Ii Und Antiandrogene - Wireless World - Techniques Of Tomographic Isodyne Stress Analysis - Somitogenesis - Synchrotron Radiation In Chemistry And Biology I - Infrared And Submillimeter Astronomy - The Conduct Of A Cooperative Clinical Trial - The Chemistry Of Organophosphorus Compounds I - Trends In Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis - Number Fields - Genetically Engineered Vaccines - Modelling Parasite Transmission And Control - Logic And Structure - The Maximum Principle - Soft Computing For Hybrid Intelligent Systems - Soil Engineering - Exploring Risk Communication - Protein Conformational Dynamics - Recent Synthetic Developments In Polyquinane Chemistry - A Consumers Guide To Archaeological Science - Physiology Psychoacoustics And Cognition In Normal And Impaired Hearing - Statistical Learning From A Regression Perspective - Computing Characterizations Of Drugs For Ion Channels And Receptors Using Markov Models - Solid State Nmr - Number Theory And Physics - Iridium Catalysis - History Of Science History Of Text - The Phytochemistry Of Cell Recognition And Cell Surface Interactions - Obesity Pathology And Therapy - Incomplete Information Structure Inference Complexity - Advances In Electrical Engineering And Electrical Machines - Isotope Labeling In Biomolecular Nmr - Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms - Continuous Cover Forestry - Molecular Biology And Physiology Of Insulin And Insulinlike Growth Factors - Xray Lasers 2012 - Biotic Regulation Of The Environment - Regular And Chaotic Oscillations - Attractive Ellipsoids In Robust Control - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 196 - Contributions To Nonlinear Elliptic Equations And Systems - The Pharmacology Of Alcohol Abuse - History Of Virtual Work Laws - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 209 - Germ Line Soma Differentiation - Small Ring Compounds In Organic Synthesis V - Iaeng Transactions On Engineering Technologies - Researching Learning In Virtual Worlds - Balancing And Sequencing Of Assembly Lines - Cuckoo Search And Firefly Algorithm - Radiocontrast Agents - Algebraic Aspects Of Integrable Systems - Rheumaderm - Justice And Health Care - The Moon That Wasnt - A Historical Archaeology Of The Modern World - Wavelet Theory And Harmonic Analysis In Applied Sciences - Debye Screening Length - Climate Time Series Analysis - Technologies For Constructing Intelligent Systems 1 - Enabling Social Europe - Differential Inclusions In Nonsmooth Mechanical Problems - Flexible Adaptation In Cognitive Radios - Electromagnetic Radiation In Space - Iutam Symposium On Unilateral Multibody Contacts - Global Change And Protected Areas - Ekc2010 - Virtual Prototyping - Synerg Systemic Seismic Vulnerability And Risk Assessment Of Complex Urban Utility Lifeline Systems And Critical Facilities - Perspectives In Modern Project Scheduling - The Dynamics Of Change In Higher Education - Contributions To Ubiquitous Computing - Carotid Artery Stenting The Basics - Organizational Semiotics - Introduction To Siegel Modular Forms And Dirichlet Series - Cognition Communication And Interaction - Design Of Organic Complementary Circuits And Systems On Foil - Optimal Models And Methods With Fuzzy Quantities - Vrancea Earthquakes Tectonics Hazard And Risk Mitigation - Salyut The First Space Station - Communicating Risks To The Public - Genes And Proteins Underlying Microbial Urinary Tract Virulence - The Consistent Force Field - Recent Advances In Memetic Algorithms - Commutative Algebra I - Modern Advances In Intelligent Systems And Tools - Triangular Norms - Type2 Fuzzy Graphical Models For Pattern Recognition - Oncofertility - Frontiers In Numerical Analysis Durham 2010 - It Innovation For Adaptability And Competitiveness - Fuzzy Optimization - Contextsensitive Decision Support Systems - Finite Reflection Groups - Seismic Motion Lithospheric Structures Earthquake And Volcanic Sources - Galileos Logic Of Discovery And Proof - Cx Bond Formation - 50 Years Of Phytochemistry Research - Linear Models - Ip Cores Design From Specifications To Production - Exploding Superstars - Human Work Interaction Design Designing For Human Work - Statistical Methods In Software Engineering - Oxygen Transport To Tissueiv - Modern Geometry Methods And Applications - Noiseshaping Alldigital Phaselocked Loops - Public Debt And Endogenous Growth - Computational Optimization And Applications In Engineering And Industry - 1543 And All That - From Boolean Logic To Switching Circuits And Automata - Cosmic Gammaray Sources - The Twentyfirst Century In Space - Micromechanics Modelling Of Ductile Fracture - Anaphora And Type Logical Grammar - Advances In Natural Deduction - Entertainment Computing - Submarine Mass Movements And Their Consequences - A Statistical Model - International Conference On Advancements Of Medicine And Health Care Through Technology 23 26 September 2009 Clujnapoca Romania - Symmetry Representations And Invariants - Knowing Bodies Moving Minds - Trusted Recovery And Defensive Information Warfare - Advances In Control And Communication - Feasibility And Infeasibility In Optimization - Imaging Coronary Atherosclerosis - Intelligent Paradigms For Assistive And Preventive Healthcare - Optimal Control Theory For Applications - Mechanics Problems In Geodynamics Part Ii - Mathematical And Computational Modeling Of Tonality - Biochemistry Molecular Biology And Physiology Of Phospholipase A2 And Its Regulatory Factors - Bacterial Protein Toxins - Haptic Interaction - Trust And Fairness In Open Distributed Systems - Portraits Of Influential Chinese Educators - Adaptive Systems - Observatories In Earth Orbit And Beyond - New Learning Paradigms In Soft Computing - Recent Developments In Computational Collective Intelligence - Geotechnics And Earthquake Geotechnics Towards Global Sustainability - Technische Organische Fluorverbindungen - Radiative Transfer In Nontransparent Dispersed Media - Contemporary Problems In Carbonium Ion Chemistry Iii - Measuring The Oceans From Space - Excitons In Confined Systems - Desorption Induced By Electronic Transitions Diet V - Climates And Societies A Climatological Perspective - A Course In Arithmetic - 50 Years Of Brown Dwarfs - Pathoepigenetics Of Infectious Disease - Dark Matter And Dark Energy - Advanced H∞ Control - Reproductive Health And Cancer In Adolescents And Young Adults - Computer Applications In Production And Engineering - Amination And Formation Of Sp2 Cn Bonds - Complex Analysis And Differential Equations - Current Debates In Global Justice - Discrete Element Analysis Methods Of Generic Differential Quadratures - Aiding Decisions With Multiple Criteria - Cryptography Made Simple - Motion And Knowledge In The Changing Early Modern World - The Essential Pic18® Microcontroller - A Course In Commutative Algebra - Seismic Hazard Of The Circumpannonian Region - Web Information Retrieval - The Saturn V F1 Engine - State Fragility And State Building In Africa - Buried Waste In The Seabed Acoustic Imaging And Biotoxicity - Nonrelativistic Quantum Dynamics - Land Use Simulation For Europe - Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering - China Satellite Navigation Conference Csnc 2016 Proceedings Volume Ii - Neue Materialien Fur Innovative Produkte - Soft Computing Techniques In Engineering Applications - Spacefilling Curves - Advanced Network Programming Principles And Techniques - Planetary Rovers - Fuzzy Mathematical Programming And Fuzzy Matrix Games - Semantic Labeling Of Places With Mobile Robots - Uncharted Constellations - The Handbook Of Sidescan Sonar - Methods And Supporting Technologies For Data Analysis - Power Electronics And Renewable Energy Systems - Jost Burgis Aritmetische Und Geometrische Progreb Tabulen 1620 - State Globalization And Multilateralism - Tools And Applications With Artificial Intelligence - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 3 - Molecular Materials With Specific Interactions Modeling And Design - Epr Spectroscopy - Soft Computing In Xml Data Management - Observing Land From Space - Bisphosphonates In Clinical Oncology - Confronting Genocide - Advanced And Intelligent Control In Power Electronics And Drives - Scattering Of Thermal Energy Atoms - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 218 - Climate Change And The Law - Orthogonal Arrays - Physical Processes In Fragmentation And Star Formation - Domain Decomposition Methods In Science And Engineering Xvi - Theory Of The Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment - Fuzzy Xml Data Management - Innovations In Defence Support Systems 1 - New Results In Boron Chemistry - Durability Of Composites In A Marine Environment - Monetary Union And Fiscal Stability - Immobilisation Of Dna On Chips Ii - Deep Earth Electrical Conductivity - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics X - A Geometry Of Approximation - 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conferencesbec 2010 April 30 May 2 2010 College Park Maryland Usa - Adventures In Order And Chaos - Aspects Of Boundary Problems In Analysis And Geometry - Design Of Efficient And Safe Neural Stimulators - Cc Bond Activation - Tsunamis In The Pacific Ocean 20112012 - Cytokines Stress And Depression - Annotated Readings In The History Of Statistics - Carcinoembryonic Antigens - Power Control And Optimization - Information Technologies For Remote Monitoring Of The Environment - Handbook Of Nutrition And Ophthalmology - Adaptive Mesh Refinement Theory And Applications - Linear And Multiobjective Programming With Fuzzy Stochastic Extensions - Regulated Rewriting In Formal Language Theory - Network Intrusion Detection And Prevention - The Evolutionary Biology Papers Of Elie Metchnikoff - Computer And Information Science - Reliability Life Testing And The Prediction Of Service Lives - Vi Latin American Congress On Biomedical Engineering Claib 2014 Parana¡ Argentina 29 30 And 31 October 2014 - Neurobiology Of Essential Fatty Acids - Anxiety And Anxiolytic Drugs - Similarity And Compatibility In Fuzzy Set Theory - Time And Meaning In History - Advances In Fuzzy Implication Functions - Education And The Knowledge Society - Monitoring Control And Protection Of Interconnected Power Systems - Computational Genetic Regulatory Networks Evolvable Selforganizing Systems - Resourcing Small And Medium Sized Enterprises - The Geopolitics Of Australias Regional Relations - Maturing Usability - Information Technology In Languages For Specific Purposes - Handbook Of Sociology Of Aging - Fundamentals Of Traffic Simulation - Crossroads Between Innate And Adaptive Immunity Iv - Differentiation Of Protoplasts And Of Transformed Plant Cells - Characterizing The Robustness Of Science - Anabolicandrogenic Steroids - Nonlinear Dynamics And Quantum Phenomena In Optical Systems - Countermovements In The Sciences - Environmental Change In Siberia - Endocrine Treatment Of Breast Cancer - Brain Plasticity - Advances In Control Of Articulated And Mobile Robots - Controversy And Consensus Nuclear Beta Decay 19111934 - Ubiquitous And Pervasive Commerce - Small Cell Lung Cancer - New Aspects In Phosphorus Chemistry V - Mountain Risks From Prediction To Management And Governance - Algorithmic Foundations Of Robotics Ix - Effects Of Magnetoelastic Interactions In Conductive Plates And Shells - Russian Spacesuits - Seismicity Patterns Their Statistical Significance And Physical Meaning - Flame Retardants - Parkinsons Diseaseii - Deformation And Fracture Behaviour Of Polymers - Fuzzy Modeling And Control - Photoreceptors And Calcium - Harmonic Analysis Of Operators On Hilbert Space - Algebraic Methods For Toeplitzlike Matrices And Operators - Stopping Of Heavy Ions - Developing Security Tools Of Wsn And Wban Networks Applications - Hardware For Soft Computing And Soft Computing For Hardware - Cosmic Perspectives In Space Physics - Mobile Tv Customizing Content And Experience - The Family Medical Decisionmaking And Biotechnology - Costsharing And Accessibility In Higher Education A Fairer Deal - Making Friends On The Fly Advances In Ad Hoc Teamwork - Advances In Cognitive Informatics And Cognitive Computing - Creativity And Hci From Experience To Design In Education - Creativity Psychology And The History Of Science - The Archaeology And Ethnohistory Of Araucanian Resilience - Supramolecular Chemistry I Directed Synthesis And Molecular Recognition - Advances In Cirrhosis Hyperammonemia And Hepatic Encephalopathy - Mechanics Of Periodically Heterogeneous Structures - Parametric Xray Radiation In Crystals - Concepts And Measurement Of Quality Of Life In Health Care - Naturalistic Epistemology - Young Audiences Theatre And The Cultural Conversation - New Trends In Agentbased Complex Automated Negotiations - Radicals In Synthesis Ii - Applications Of Operations Research And Management Science - Metal Ions In Biological Systems - The Pillars Of Computation Theory - Introduction To Celestial Mechanics - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology Vol 165 - High Order Nonlinear Numerical Schemes For Evolutionary Pdes - Logics Of Specification Languages - Neuropeptide Y And Related Peptides - Immunobiology Of Proteins And Peptides Vi - Physical And Chemical Applications Of Dyestuffs - Largescale Pdeconstrained Optimization - Schur Functions Operator Colligations And Reproducing Kernel Pontryagin Spaces - Atherosclerosis Diet And Drugs - Physics Of Amphiphilic Layers - Cancers Of The Head And Neck - Architecture Description Languages - Score 96 Solar Convection And Oscillations And Their Relationship - Evolutionary Optimization - Intelligent Computing Based On Chaos - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xxxvi - Process Optimization - The Pharmacology Of Pain - Mathematics Education And Technologyrethinking The Terrain - Seismicity Caused By Mines Fluid Injections Reservoirs And Oil Extraction - Formal Thought And The Sciences Of Man - Developments In Foundation Law In Europe - Theory Of Semifeasible Algorithms - Light Scattering Reviews 2 - Bioinformatics An Introduction - Concanavalin A - Symmetries In Atomic Nuclei - Risk Management And Society - Biological And Hormonal Therapies Of Cancer - Polish Essays In The Philosophy Of The Natural Sciences - Cohomology Of Groups - The Changing Governance Of Higher Education And Research - Hormonerelated Malignant Tumors - Protein Ligation And Total Synthesis I - Space Enterprise - Molecular Similarity I - Light Scattering By Optically Soft Particles - Recent Advances In Sensing Technology - Next Frontier In Agentbased Complex Automated Negotiation - Organic Syntheses - The United Nations And The Regions - Toeplitz Operators And Index Theory In Several Complex Variables - Perspectives On Soviet And Russian Computing - Synthesis And Application Of Organoboron Compounds - Lie Groups Lie Algebras And Representations - Lipid A In Cancer Therapy - Neuropilin - Technologies Of Inclusive Wellbeing - Fuzzy Algebraic Hyperstructures - Flood Risk Management In Europe - Bioactive Components Of Milk - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xv - Trees Of Life - Fundamentals Of Combustion Processes - Advances In Visual Information Management - Oral Antidiabetics - Mycoplasma Cell Membranes - Nuclear Condensed Matter Physics With Synchrotron Radiation - Advances In Production Management Systems Sustainable Production And Service Supply Chains - Mouse Development - Remote Sensing And Climate Modeling Synergies And Limitations - A Biologically Inspired Cmos Image Sensor - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xxiv - Sustainable Bioenergy And Bioproducts - Dynamic Offset Compensated Cmos Amplifiers - Vulnerability Analysis And Defense For The Internet - Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms State Of The Science And Research Needs - Drosophila Eye Development - Foundations Of Reasoning Under Uncertainty - Morse Theory And Floer Homology - Concepts Mechanisms And New Targets For Chemotherapy - Operator Theory And Boundary Eigenvalue Problems - Applications Of Data Mining In Computer Security - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xxiii - Magnetic Excitations And Fluctuations Ii - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics Viii - Spheroids In Cancer Research - Progress In Turbulence And Wind Energy Iv - Mathematics And Geosciences Global And Local Perspectives - Bonding In Microsystem Technology - Numerical Structural Analysis - Neighbourhood Policy And The Construction Of The European External Borders - Alkalineearth Metal Compounds - Unbounded Selfadjoint Operators On Hilbert Space - Imprecision And Uncertainty In Information Representation And Processing - Evolution Equations Applications To Physics Industry Life Sciences And Economics - The Pullback Equation For Differential Forms - Gravitation And Cosmology - Philosophy And Conceptual History Of Science In Taiwan - Sphingolipids And Metabolic Disease - Mountain Geoecology And Sustainable Development Of The Tibetan Plateau - Wireless Sensor And Actor Networks - Tsunamis 19921994 - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 21 - Hereditary Factors In Carcinoma - Modern Analysis And Applications - Plasma Chemistry Iv - Ganglioside Structure Function And Biomedical Potential - Computational Methods For Threedimensional Microscopy Reconstruction - Numerical Analysis Of Multiscale Problems - Advances Of Computational Intelligence In Industrial Systems - Targeted Therapies In Cancer - Advances In The Theory Of Benzenoid Hydrocarbons Ii - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Ix - Spectral Methods For Operators Of Mathematical Physics - Supply Chain Management Under Fuzziness - Designing Interfaces In Public Settings - An Introduction To The Theory Of Groups - Experimental Unsaturated Soil Mechanics - Designing Collaborative Systems - An Introduction To Enumeration - Environmental Migration And Social Inequality - How Should Humanity Steer The Future - A Tissue Regeneration Approach To Bone And Cartilage Repair - Security And Privacy In The Age Of Uncertainty - Expedition Mars - Distributed Leadership - Dendrimers - Project Selection Under Uncertainty - Epistemology Methodology And The Social Sciences - Melanocortins - Iutam Symposium On Elastohydrodynamics And Microelastohydrodynamics - The Physics And Dynamics Of Planetary Nebulae - Strength Analysis In Geomechanics - Organic Peroxygen Chemistry - Aspects Of Pacific Seismicity - Intelligent Systems For Knowledge Management - Quiet Daily Geomagnetic Fields - Bismuthmediated Organic Reactions - Monsoons Over China - Mehrelektronenmodelle - Pseudodifferential Operators And Related Topics - Tantrasaá¹…graha Of NÄ«lakaṇṭha SomayājÄ« - Fuzzy Sets Based Heuristics For Optimization - Data And Application Security - System Modeling And Optimization Xx - Clinically Relevant Resistance In Cancer Chemotherapy - Peroxiredoxin Systems - Nonparametric Functional Data Analysis - Labonfiber Technology - Entire Solutions Of Semilinear Elliptic Equations - Conditional Specification Of Statistical Models - Aspects Of Manybody Effects In Molecules And Extended Systems - New Horizons In Evolutionary Robotics - Personas User Focused Design - Natural Product Synthesis Ii - LeÅ›niewskis Systems Of Logic And Foundations Of Mathematics - Natural Time Analysis The New View Of Time - An Introduction To Continuum Mechanics After Truesdell And Noll - Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation And Clustering - Basic Theory Of Ordinary Differential Equations - Guide To High Performance Distributed Computing - Soft Computing And Fractal Theory For Intelligent Manufacturing - Space Marketing - Geodesign By Integrating Design And Geospatial Sciences - Frontiers Of Fundamental Physics And Physics Education Research - An Introduction To Operators On The Hardyhilbert Space - An Introduction To Markov State Models And Their Application To Long Timescale Molecular Simulation - Ownership Of The Human Body - Business Ruleoriented Conceptual Modeling - Kainate Receptors - Neurobiology And Cell Physiology Of Chemoreception - Protocol Test Systems Viii - Induction Motors - Soft Computing In Measurement And Information Acquisition - Prediction And Perception Of Natural Hazards - Trust Management - Uniform Acrosstheboard Promotions - From Atoms And Molecules To The Cosmos - The Physics And Fabrication Of Microstructures And Microdevices - Discrete Choice Experiments In Marketing - Planet Mars - Chemistry Of Structurefunction Relationships In Cheese - Kenaf A Multipurpose Crop For Several Industrial Applications - Friendship 7 - Mechanics Of Fretting Fatigue - Genome Instability In Cancer Development - Inhibitors Of Protein Kinases And Protein Phosphates - Exciton Dynamics In Molecular Crystals And Aggregates - Homeostasis Of Phosphate And Other Minerals - Ramps - Iutamiass Symposium On Deployable Structures Theory And Applications - Travelling Mathematics The Fate Of Diophantos Arithmetic - Corrosion Of Constructional Steels In Marine And Industrial Environment - Fuzzy Evidence In Identification Forecasting And Diagnosis - The Search For A Methodology Of Social Science - Recursive Partitioning And Applications - Elementary Methods In Number Theory - Public Policy For Academic Quality - Proteinprotein Interactions As New Drug Targets - Ultra Low Power Transceiver For Wireless Body Area Networks - Computational Intelligence And Informatics - European And Chinese Cognitive Styles And Their Impact On Teaching Mathematics - Detoxification Of Heavy Metals - R And D Innovation And Industrial Structure - Introduction To Cyclotomic Fields - Complex Analysis Operators And Related Topics - Dynamic Trip Modelling - Ct Of The Heart - Ea Burtt Historian And Philosopher - Pseudodifferential Operators Generalized Functions And Asymptotics - Earthquake Source Physics On Various Scales - A First Course In Noncommutative Rings - Four Short Courses On Harmonic Analysis - Computing In Statistical Science Through Apl - Introductory Attitude Dynamics - Dynamics Of The Axially Moving Orthotropic Web - 80211 Wireless Networks - Ideal Sequence Design In Timefrequency Space - Proceedings Of The International Conference On Humancentric Computing 2011 And Embedded And Multimedia Computing 2011 - Computational Mechanisms Of Au And Pt Catalyzed Reactions - Pedestrian And Cyclist Impact - Video Surveillance For Sensor Platforms - Homogeneous Gold Catalysis - The Dynamics Of Meristem Cell Populations - Polymer Composite Materials Interface Phenomena And Processes - Strength And Stiffness Of Engineering Systems - Control Under Lack Of Information - Purine And Pyrimidine Metabolism In Man Viii - Tsunamis - Flexible Approaches In Data Information And Knowledge Management - Clinical Management Of Soft Tissue Sarcomas - Underground Thermal Energy Storage - Nonlinear Dynamical Systems And Chaos - Galileo Engineer - An Introduction To Wavelet Analysis - Project Scheduling - Biochirality - Testing Of Communicating Systems - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 23 - An Introduction To The Theory Of Point Processes - Computer And Computing Technologies In Agriculture Vii - Random Matrices Random Processes And Integrable Systems - Advances In Digital Forensics Iii - Inductive Inference For Large Scale Text Classification - Phosphodiesterases As Drug Targets - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics Xiii - Mathematical Analysis I - Foundations Of Statistical Inference - Anticancer Genes - Photophysics Of Organometallics - Creative Chemical Sensor Systems - Properties And Processes Of Crustal Fault Zones - Cancer Chemotherapy - Open Distributed Processing And Distributed Platforms - Continuum Thermomechanics - Control Theory In Physics And Other Fields Of Science - Creating The International Space Station - Deep Space Probes - Applied Control Of Electrical Drives - Malignant Transformation By Viruses - Improving Risk Analysis - Supportive Care In Cancer Therapy - Computer Supported Collaborative Writing - Experimental And Clinical Effects Of Lasparaginase - Gtpases In Biology Ii - Defending Copernicus And Galileo - Regulatory Mechanisms Of Striated Muscle Contraction - The Future Of Arid Landsrevisited - The Road To Galaxy Formation - The Universe In Xrays - Metal Optics Near The Plasma Frequency - Delft Pneumatic Bipeds - Fuzzy Group Theory - Electronic Imaging In Astronomy - Elements Of Homotopy Theory - Turbulence And Selforganization - Principles Of Molecular Cardiology - Higher Education In Saudi Arabia - Symmetry Properties Of Molecules - Eicosanoids And Other Bioactive Lipids In Cancer Inflammation And Radiation Injury 4 - Highredshift Galaxies - Stochastic Analysis Control Optimization And Applications - Interstellar Processes - At Home In Space - Intelligent Computer Techniques In Applied Electromagnetics - Dual Tableaux Foundations Methodology Case Studies - Functional And Structural Proteins Of The Nervous System - Ekc2008 Proceedings Of The Eukorea Conference On Science And Technology - Special Functions Of Mathematical Geophysics - Linear Algebra And Linear Models - Standardization In Smart Grids - Lacrimal Gland Tear Film And Dry Eye Syndromes - Simulation Games And Learning In Production Management - Extensions Of Moserbangert Theory - Environmental Software Systems Infrastructures Services And Applications - Judicial Activism - Lectures On Hyperbolic Geometry - Reforming Higher Education - Small Ring Compounds In Organic Synthesis Ii - Towards Sustainable Society On Ubiquitous Networks - Biobanking In The 21st Century - Recollections Of Tucson Operations - Baseband Analog Circuits For Software Defined Radio - Hydrofunctionalization - Neuroreceptors And Signal Transduction - Proceedings Of The 2015 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference - An Introduction To Ordinary Differential Equations - Electronic Quantum Transport In Mesoscopic Semiconductor Structures - Nutrition And Diet In Menopause - Ab Initio Variational Calculations Of Molecular Vibrationalrotational Spectra - Mechanical Properties Of Ceramics - Cytochrome P450 2e1 Its Role In Disease And Drug Metabolism - Selected Papers Of La©on Rosenfeld - Taurine - Introduction To Humanoid Robotics - Future Wireless Networks And Information Systems - Informatics Curricula And Teaching Methods - Contentbased Language Learning In Multilingual Educational Environments - Molecular Orbitals And Their Energies Studied By The Semiempirical Ham Method - Proteases As Targets For Therapy - Deep Fusion Of Computational And Symbolic Processing - Weather And Climate The Mp Singh Volume Part 2 - The Asymptotic Behaviour Of Semigroups Of Linear Operators - Polymer Drugs In The Clinical Stage - Thrombosis And Cardiovascular Diseases - The Rise Of The Social Sciences And The Formation Of Modernity - Antianginal Drugs - Intelligent Support Systems For Marketing Decisions - Petri Nets - Nonlinear Mechanics Of Thinwalled Structures - Making And Exploiting Fullerenes Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes - Planetary Systems - Bioactive Compounds And Cancer - Yeast Membrane Transport - Cataclysmic Variables - Inorganic And Nutritional Aspects Of Cancer - Analysis And Topology In Nonlinear Differential Equations - Novel Approaches In Civil Engineering - Biodegradation And Bioremediation - Information Systems Security - Multiobjective Memetic Algorithms - Reframing Disease Contextually - Opportunities For Phytochemistry In Plant Biotechnology - Thermal Contact Conductance - Numerical Solution Of Elliptic Differential Equations By Reduction To The Interface - Security And Dependability For Ambient Intelligence - Preanalytics Of Pathological Specimens In Oncology - Russian Space Probes - Evaluating Theorypractice And Urbanrural Interplay In Planning - Xenotransplantation Von Zellen Geweben Oder Organen - Endocrine Therapy And Growth Regulation Of Breast Cancer - Human Activities And The Tropical Rainforest - Topics In Current Chemistry 4 3 - Mechatronics And Automatic Control Systems - Phytochemicals Biosynthesis Function And Application - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics Xii - Harmonic Function Theory - Making Starships And Stargates - Harmony Search Algorithms For Structural Design Optimization - Language Of The Stars - Simulating And Generating Motions Of Human Figures - Technology Of Integrated Circuits - Human Spaceflight And Exploration - Carbon Rich Compounds Ii - Peripheral And Cerebrovascular Intervention - Global Land Ice Measurements From Space - Lebesgue Integration - Theoretical Aspects Of Distributed Computing In Sensor Networks - Spectral Theory Function Spaces And Inequalities - Interorganizational Relationships - Functional Molecular Nanostructures - Control Of Renin Secretion - Apollo 12 On The Ocean Of Storms - Spectral Analysis Of Quantum Hamiltonians - Smooth Manifolds And Observables - Kinematic And Dynamic Simulation Of Multibody Systems - Samplepath Analysis Of Queueing Systems - Calcium Signalling And Disease - The Management Of Industrial Forest Plantations - The English Galileo - An Illustrated History Of Health And Fitness From Prehistory To Our Postmodern World - Philosophy Of Medicine And Bioethics - Advances In Biomedical Infrastructure 2013 - Interdisciplinary Research And Transdisciplinary Validity Claims - Iris Runge - Soil Enzymology - Research And Practical Issues Of Enterprise Information Systems Ii Volume 2 - Siteselective Catalysis - Bioapplications Of Nanoparticles - Photoinduced Phenomena In Nucleic Acids Ii - Reason And Being - Mirrors And Reflections - Geometric Analysis Of The Bergman Kernel And Metric - Physical And Datalink Security Techniques For Future Communication Systems - Bioinspired Technologies For The Hardware Of Adaptive Systems - Antiepileptic Drugs - What Was Mechanical About Mechanics - Hemophilia Care In The New Millennium - Sequences And Series In Banach Spaces - Palliative Care And Rehabilitation Of Cancer Patients - Understanding Markov Chains - Stability And Switching In Cellular Differentiation - Autonomous Systems Developments And Trends - Hermann Gunther Grabmann 18091877 Visionary Mathematician Scientist And Neohumanist Scholar - Shape Understanding System - The Natural Laws Of The Universe - Plasma Astrophysics Part I - Transformation In The Writing - Nonsmooth Analysis - Technological Change And Skill Development In Arab Gulf Countries - Sturmliouville Operators And Applications - Comparing Distributions - Ubergange Von Der Schule In Ausbildung Und Beruf - Soft Computing And Its Applications In Business And Economics - Successful Casebased Reasoning Applications2 - Interaction Of Hydrogen Isotopes With Transition Metals And Intermetallic Compounds - Spacecraft Attitude Determination And Control - History Of The Principle Of Interference Of Light - Humancomputer Interaction The Agency Perspective - Mucus In Health And Diseaseii - Rocket And Spacecraft Propulsion - Millennium Development Goals Mdgs In Retrospect - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 217 - Information Hiding Steganography And Watermarkingattacks And Countermeasures - Structural And Failure Mechanics Of Sandwich Composites - Combinatorics With Emphasis On The Theory Of Graphs - Mountain Timberlines - Between Theory And Observations - Multiscale Modeling And Simulation In Science - Ancient Astronomical Observations And The Study Of The Moons Motion 16911757 - Global Change And Mountain Regions - Artificial Intelligence In Theory And Practice - From Real To Complex Analysis - Handbook Of Weighted Automata - Quantum Causality - Iutam Symposium On Mechanical Waves For Composite Structures Characterization - Assessing Wellbeing - Advances In Intelligent And Distributed Computing - Aortic Aneurysms - Communicating Climatechange And Natural Hazard Risk And Cultivating Resilience - Zentralnervensystem - Protective Relaying Of Power Systems Using Mathematical Morphology - Mergers In Higher Education - Logic And Time - Dispersion Relations In Heavilydoped Nanostructures - Fundamentals Of Surface Mechanics - Differential Evolution A Handbook For Global Permutationbased Combinatorial Optimization - Realtime Data Mining - Future Information Technology - Hydrogen Bonds - Dynamics And Bifurcations Of Nonsmooth Mechanical Systems - For Better Or For Worse Collaborative Couples In The Sciences - Relativistic Theory Of Atoms And Molecules Iii - Eicosanoids Apolipoproteins Lipoprotein Particles And Atherosclerosis - The Dynamics Of The Price Structure And The Business Cycle - Frontiers In Cerebral Vascular Biology - Current Directions In Insulinlike Growth Factor Research - Urologic Cancer Chemotherapeutic Principles And Management - Designing User Friendly Augmented Work Environments - Algorithmic Foundations Of Robotics Viii - Artificial Neural Networks In Vehicular Pollution Modelling - Mutational And Morphological Analysis - Lanthanides Chemistry And Use In Organic Synthesis - Weakly Differentiable Functions - Abstract Linear Algebra - Foundations Of Location Analysis - Operator Theory Systems Theory And Scattering Theory Multidimensional Generalizations - Unsaturated Soils Numerical And Theoretical Approaches - Social Inclusion Societal And Organizational Implications For Information Systems - Supervised And Unsupervised Ensemble Methods And Their Applications - The Molecular Immunology Of Complex Carbohydrates 2 - Causation Coherence And Concepts - Decision Making And Imperfection - Messina Seismological Observatory Memorial Volume - Advanced Fuzzy Systems Design And Applications - Vlsisoc From Systems To Silicon - Testing For Random Walk Coefficients In Regression And State Space Models - The Chemical Evolution Of The Galaxy - Xray Astronomy With The Einstein Satellite - Integrity Internal Control And Security In Information Systems - Fibrinogen Thrombosis Coagulation And Fibrinolysis - Historical Archaeologies Of Capitalism - Taurine 4 - Glucocorticoid Signaling - Smart Grids - A Systems Biology Approach To Blood - Leptomeningeal Metastases - Surveys Of The Southern Galaxy - Diagnosis And Treatment Of Genitourinary Malignancies - Exploring The Moon - Understanding Intrusion Detection Through Visualization - Molecular Mechanisms Of Parasite Invasion - Cyclotomic Fields - Natural Fabrications - Starbursts - 1st Global Conference On Biomedical Engineering And 9th Asianpacific Conference On Medical And Biological Engineering - Nutrient Regulation During Pregnancy Lactation And Infant Growth - New Difference Schemes For Partial Differential Equations - Respiratory Infections - Application And Multidisciplinary Aspects Of Wireless Sensor Networks - Energy Scalable Radio Design - Multilayer Neural Networks - Flavor Physics And The Tev Scale - Peripheral Arterial Disease - Calculus Of One Variable - Cointegration Analysis In A German Monetary System - 7th Wacbe World Congress On Bioengineering 2015 - Recent Advances In Operator Theory And Related Topics - Coping With Drought Risk In Agriculture And Water Supply Systems - Structure And Dynamics Of The German Mittelstand - The Prism Of Science - Implementing Collaboration Technologies In Industry - Pharmacology Of Intestinal Permeation Ii - Goguen Categories - The Price Of Health - Dynamics Of Cyclic Machines - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 187 - Tubulinbinding Agents - Theory Of Jets In Electronpositron Annihilation - Cancer Genetics - Innovations In Intelligent Machines 3 - Handbook Of Eoq Inventory Problems - Harmonization And Development Of Resources And Tools For Italian Natural Language Processing Within The Parli Project - Quantum Optics Iv - The Schrodinger And Riccati Equations - Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence Networking And Parallel Distributed Computing 2011 - Infectious Complications Of Cancer - International Conference On Advancements Of Medicine And Health Care Through Technology 5th 7th June 2014 Clujnapoca Romania - The Natural Sciences And The Social Sciences - Recent Advances In Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering And Microzonation - Xray Diffuse Scattering From Selforganized Mesoscopic Semiconductor Structures - Philosophy Of Behavioral Biology - Tsunami Events And Lessons Learned - Galileos Logical Treatises - Several Real Variables - Meshfree Methods For Partial Differential Equations V - Evolutionary Trends In The Physical Sciences - Purine And Pyrimidine Metabolism In Man X - Computer Simulation Studies In Condensedmatter Physics Xvii - Systematic Design For Emergence In Cellular Nonlinear Networks - Agentbased Computational Modelling - Sulphone Molecular Structures - Politische Bildung Und Zeit - Vlsisoc The Advanced Research For Systems On Chip - Higher Education And Graduate Employment In Europe - Omega6 3 Fatty Acids - Algorithmic Foundations Of Robotics Vi - Caribbean Tsunamis - Syntheses Of Natural Products - Xiii Mediterranean Conference On Medical And Biological Engineering And Computing 2013 - Introduction To Affine Group Schemes - Solid Surface Physics - Languages Design Methods And Tools For Electronic System Design - Networks For Pervasive Services - Stellar Physics - Algorithms For Next Generation Networks - Solar System Astrophysics - Atomic Simulation Of Electrooptic And Magnetooptic Oxide Materials - Careers Of University Graduates - Integration In Respiratory Control - A Course In Padic Analysis - Stars Above Earth Below - Local Fields - Debrisflow Hazards And Related Phenomena - Digital Product And Process Development Systems - Low Dose Exposures In The Environment - Steroid Hormone Resistance - Interface And Transport Dynamics - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 20 - Minimal Factorization Of Matrix And Operator Functions - Intestinal Microorganisms Of Termites And Other Invertebrates - Software Engineering Research Management And Applications 2009 - Respiratory Regulation The Molecular Approach - New Perspectives In Molecular And Clinical Management Of Gastrointestinal Tumors - Clinical Pharmacology Of Antianginal Drugs - Selected Papers Of Frederick Mosteller - Stability And Optimization Of Structures - Breaking Of Supersymmetry And Ultraviolet Divergences In Extended Supergravity - Photochemistry And Organic Synthesis - Methods Of Algebraic Geometry In Control Theory Part I - Optimization Of Cam Mechanisms - Floquet Theory For Partial Differential Equations - Complex Manifolds Without Potential Theory - Quantitative Models For Performance Evaluation And Benchmarking - Drug Resistance In Cancer Therapy - Multivariate Calculation - Frontier Computing - The Catalyzing Mind - The Brain Fuzzy Arithmetic To Quantum Computing - Dynamic Response Of Granular And Porous Materials Under Large And Catastrophic Deformations - Science And Culture - Positive Psychologie Und Achtsamkeit Im Schulalltag - Membranebound Enzymes - Detection And Signal Processing - Local Binary Patterns New Variants And Applications - Descartess Mathematical Thought - Knowledge Capture In Financial Regulation - Isomonodromic Deformations And Frobenius Manifolds - Cis Energy And Minerals Development - Peptides In Oncology Ii - Problems Of Semantics - Genome Stability And Human Diseases - Singleparticle Rotations In Molecular Crystals - Linear Representations Of Finite Groups - Function And Structure Of The Immune System - Engineering Safe And Secure Cyberphysical Systems - Groups Rings And Fields - Plant Breeding And Agrarian Research In Kaiserwilhelminstitutes 19331945 - Time Series Theory And Methods - Grms Or Graphical Representation Of Model Spaces - Governance - Die Wahrnehmung Des Medienwandels - Te Puna A New Zealand Mission Station - Fuzziness - Scientific Procedures - Optimization Of Photovoltaic Power Systems - Introduction To Robust And Quasirobust Statistical Methods - Cancer Mapping - The Martian Climate Revisited - Recent Trends In Computational Engineering Ce2014 - Hidden Harmonygeometric Fantasies - Computational Intelligence For Decision Support In Cyberphysical Systems - Short Stay Management Of Acute Heart Failure - Probabilistic Logic In A Coherent Setting - Nonlinear Time Series Analysis With Applications To Foreign Exchange Rate Volatility - Iutam Symposium On Physicochemical And Electromechanical Interactions In Porous Media - Learning To Live In The Knowledge Society - Transversepattern Formation In Photorefractive Optics - Nitrite And Nitrate In Human Health And Disease - Galaxy Formation - Qualityoflife Community Indicators For Parks Recreation And Tourism Management - Asymptotic Theory Of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems In Singularly Perturbed Domains - The Philosophy Of Medicine - Advanced Cad Cam Systems - Globalization Of Manufacturing In The Digital Communications Era Of The 21st Century - Contributions To Nonlinear Analysis - The Design Of Synthetic Inhibitors Of Thrombin - Particles And Astrophysics - Evolving Fuzzy Systems Methodologies Advanced Concepts And Applications - Supervisory Control Of Concurrent Systems - Globalisation Trade Liberalisation And Higher Education In North America - Theoretical And Numerical Unsaturated Soil Mechanics - Alcohol Intoxication And Withdrawal Iiib - Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing - Linear Models And Generalizations - Scandinavian Colonialism And The Rise Of Modernity - Citizenship Pedagogies In Asia And The Pacific - Cancer Clinical Trials - Semiclassical Approach To Mesoscopic Systems - Insider Threats In Cyber Security - Adsorption And Catalysis On Transition Metals And Their Oxides - Biochemical Differentiation In Insect Glands - Collaborative Value Creation - Discretetime High Order Neural Control - Pharmacology Of Intestinal Permeation I - Information Sciences And Systems 2015 - Handbook Of Metaheuristics - New Aspects In Phosphorus Chemistry Ii - Principles Of Harmonic Analysis - Neurohumoral And Metabolic Aspects Of Injury - Internal And External Stabilization Of Linear Systems With Constraints - Software Quality And Productivity - Redundancy In Robot Manipulators And Multirobot Systems - Microbehavioral Economics Of Global Warming - Rf Transceiver Design For Mimo Wireless Communications - Advances In Information Technology And Industry Applications - The Search For Extraterrestrials - 3d Robotic Mapping - Physiology And Pharmacology Of The Bloodbrain Barrier - Tragedy And Triumph In Orbit - Immobilisation Of Dna On Chips I - Ultrasonic Processes And Machines - Soil Heavy Metals - Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsies - Planet Mercury - Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation - Relations And Graphs - Human Error Safety And Systems Development - Curbing Population Growth - Ifo Survey Data In Business Cycle And Monetary Policy Analysis - Evolutionary Computation For Dynamic Optimization Problems - Reform And Change In Higher Education - Unterrichtsentwicklungen Im Fach Mathematik - Geometry Of Digital Spaces - Conjugationdeconjugation Reactions In Drug Metabolism And Toxicity - Peroxisomes And Their Key Role In Cellular Signaling And Metabolism - Kernelbased Data Fusion For Machine Learning - Becoming Virtual - Statistical Implicative Analysis - Intelligent Technologies And Engineering Systems - Online Worlds Convergence Of The Real And The Virtual - Techniques Of Constructive Analysis - First Principles Approaches To Spectroscopic Properties Of Complex Materials - 5th International Conference On Biomedical Engineering In Vietnam - Dynamics Of Rotating Systems - Fifty Years Of Fuzzy Logic And Its Applications - Membrane Toxicity - Concurrent Zeroknowledge - Human Interferon - The Effect Of Hydrogen And Hydrides On The Integrity Of Zirconium Alloy Components - Probabilistic Methods For Structural Design - Tractable Models Of Solid Mechanics - Seismogenesis And Earthquake Forecasting The Frank Evison Volume I - Measurement - Human Capacities And Moral Status - Cell Signaling During Mammalian Early Embryo Development - Principles Of Pulsed Magnet Design - Linear Chaos - Microrna Basic Science - Intelligent Multimedia Analysis For Security Applications - The Systematicity Arguments - Iutam Symposium On Mechanical And Electromagnetic Waves In Structured Media - Oocyte Biology In Fertility Preservation - Fair Trial And Judicial Independence - Phenolic Metabolism In Plants - Neuronal Tissuenonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase Tnap - Regulatory Peptides And Cognate Receptors - Educational Data Mining - Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2008 - Secondorder Phase Transitions And The Irreducible Representation Of Space Groups - Minority Languages And Multilingual Education - Nonlinear Elliptic And Parabolic Problems - Us And Crossnational Policies Practices And Preparation - Recent Advances In Nuclear Explosion Monitoring - Physical And Inorganic Chemistry - Host Defenses And Immunomodulation To Intracellular Pathogens - A Polynomial Approach To Linear Algebra - Twoperson Zerosum Games - Further Linear Algebra - The Biology Of Numbers - Angiotensin - Michael Ryans Writings On Medical Ethics - Operations Research Management Science At Work - Knowledge And Skill Chains In Engineering And Manufacturing - Constructive Methods Of Wienerhopf Factorization - Continuum Mechanics Through The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries - Structure From Motion Using The Extended Kalman Filter - Hipparcos The New Reduction Of The Raw Data - Network Models And Optimization - Tsunamis In The Mediterranean Sea 2000 Bc2000 Ad - Dynamics Of Bodies With Timevariable Mass - Chemistry Biochemistry And Pharmacology Of Hydrogen Sulfide - Philosophical Explorations Of Justice And Taxation - Amorphous And Crystalline Silicon Carbide Iii - Science Politics And Social Practice - Quantified Societal Risk And Policy Making - Communications And Networking In Education - Fifth World Conference On Information Security Education - History Of Nordic Computing 2 - Recent Advances In Formal Languages And Applications - Mechanical Relaxation Of Interstitials In Irradiated Metals - The Endocrine Pancreas And Juvenile Diabetes - The Reality Of The Unobservable - Interplanetary Dust - Neural Networks Computational Models And Applications - Nonlinear Cosmic Ray Diffusion Theories - The Design And Analysis Of Computer Experiments - Familial And Hereditary Tumors - Stochastic Processes On A Lattice And Gibbs Measures - The Selected Correspondence Of Lej Brouwer - Rational Changes In Science - Viral Molecular Machines - Genedis 2014 - Intelligent Networks - Recent Progress In Operator Theory And Its Applications - Distances And Similarities In Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets - Microenvironmental Aspects Of Immunity - Ice Ages And Astronomical Causes - Topology And Analysis - Monooxygenase Peroxidase And Peroxygenase Properties And Mechanisms Of Cytochrome P450 - Statistical Methods For Spatial Planning And Monitoring - New Cohesion Policy Of The European Union In Poland - Protocol Test Systems - Medical Ethics In Antiquity - Network Security Policies And Procedures - Astronomical Measurement - Aeta 2013 Recent Advances In Electrical Engineering And Related Sciences - Microbiota Of The Human Body - John Paul Iis Contribution To Catholic Bioethics - Finite And Boundary Element Tearing And Interconnecting Solvers For Multiscale Problems - Advanced Mathematical Analysis - Research And Development Management From The Soviet Union To Russia - Remote Sensing In Snow Hydrology - Human Rights Education Through Cina© Da©bat - Energy For A Warming World - Type2 Fuzzy Logic Theory And Applications - Singular Homology Theory - Landslide Tsunamis Recent Findings And Research Directions - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 185 - Zugang Zu Medikamenten - Endocrine Neoplasms - Cohomology Of Sheaves - Fundamental Numerical Methods For Electrical Engineering - Lipidmediated Protein Signaling - Uncertainty In The Electric Power Industry - Surgical Management Of Congestive Heart Failure - Military Conscription - Resilience Thinking In Urban Planning - Advanced Gate Stacks For Highmobility Semiconductors - Finite Mixture And Markov Switching Models - Principles Of Analytical System Dynamics - Helium Atom Scattering From Surfaces - New Concepts Ii - Visual And Multimedia Information Management - Climate Dynamics Of The Tropics - The Bioethics Of Regenerative Medicine - Biomedical Data And Applications - Power Quality - Hormones And Energy Metabolism - Astrophysics Of Neutron Stars - Broadband Direct Rf Digitization Receivers - Elastomere Friction - Biological Basis Of Alcoholinduced Cancer - Special Issue On Water Transport Across Biological Membranes - Telecommunication Markets - Interplanetary Outpost - Queues - Aidsassociated Viral Oncogenesis - Probability Theory Ii - Relaxin And Related Peptides - Mathematical Modeling In Epidemiology - Hodgkins And Nonhodgkins Lymphoma - Passive Methods As A Solution For Improving Indoor Environments - Flexible Multibody Dynamics - Urologic Oncology - Transport Phenomena In Strongly Correlated Fermi Liquids - Ernst Mach A Deeper Look - Globalization And Human Rights - Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Through Nanotechnology - Truth And Falsehood - Distributions In The Physical And Engineering Sciences - New Developments In The Theory Of Networks - Feynmankac Formulae - China Satellite Navigation Conference Csnc 2012 Proceedings - Marswalk One - Integral Transform Techniques For Greens Function - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 2 - Establishing The Foundation Of Collaborative Networks - Fuzzy Statistics - Database Applications Semantics - Polar Oceans From Space - Current Understanding And Treatment Of Gliomas - Tissue Reninangiotensin Systems - Local Jet Bundle Formulation Of Backland Transformations - Hormone Receptors - Vertical Cooperative Advertising In Supply Chain Management - Molecular Basis Of Polymer Networks - Advances In Information Security Management And Small Systems Security - Progress In Turbulence Iii - The Solar Spectrum - Seismicity In Mines - Design Of Intelligent Systems Based On Fuzzy Logic Neural Networks And Natureinspired Optimization - Innovation Diffusion And Political Control Of Energy Technologies - Preoperative Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy - Communications And Discoveries From Multidisciplinary Data - Triphenyltin Compounds And Their Degradation Products - The Earth As A Distant Planet - Glycoscience And Microbial Adhesion - Hydrogen Deficient Stars And Related Objects - Modern Analysis And Topology - Timeinterleaved Analogtodigital Converters - Innovative Applications In Data Mining - Next Generation Optical Network Design And Modelling - Boundary Integral Equations On Contours With Peaks - Analogbaseband Architectures And Circuits For Multistandard And Lowvoltage Wireless Transceivers - Information Technology Convergence - Vision Based Systemsfor Uav Applications - Porphyrin Photosensitization - Studies In Applied Econometrics - Computational Methods In Transport Verification And Validation - Conservation Science For The Cultural Heritage - Singular Integral Operators Factorization And Applications - Soft Computing In Textile Sciences - Effects Of Mass Loss On Stellar Evolution - The Development Of Equity Capital Markets In Transition Economies - Mathematica® A Problemcentered Approach - Parallel And Distributed Logic Programming - Flexible Databases Supporting Imprecision And Uncertainty - Environmental Archaeology - New Methods In Chemistry - Information Technology Convergence Secure And Trust Computing And Data Management - Soft Computing In Green And Renewable Energy Systems - Intraseasonal Variability In The Atmosphereocean Climate System - The Added Value Of Geographical Information Systems In Public And Environmental Health - Observation And Experiment In The Natural And Social Sciences - Settheoretic Methods In Control - Rural Retirement Migration - Quasilikelihood And Its Application - Plasma Chemistry Iii - Geotechnical Predictions And Practice In Dealing With Geohazards - School Knowledge In Comparative And Historical Perspective - Blood Stem Cell Transplantation - Wave Propagation In Infinite Domains - Molecular Mechanisms Of Xeroderma Pigmentosum - Recent Advances In Computational Intelligence In Defense And Security - Perturbative Algebraic Quantum Field Theory - The Molecular Genetics Of Aging - Competencybased Language Teaching In Higher Education - Pathogenhost Interactions Antigenic Variation V Somatic Adaptations - Video Analytics For Business Intelligence - Cities At Risk - Conjugation And Deconjugation Of Ubiquitin Family Modifiers - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 192 - Finite Horizon H∞ And Related Control Problems - Frustrated Lewis Pairs Ii - Conceptual Graphs And Fuzzy Logic - Content Delivery Networks - Iutam Symposium On Theoretical And Numerical Methods In Continuum Mechanics Of Porous Materials - Compton Scattering - Intellectual Property Rights - Excitatory Amino Acids And Neuronal Plasticity - Balanced Automation Systems - Several Complex Variables And Banach Algebras - An Introduction To Structural Optimization - Physics Of Magnetospheric Substorms - Triplet States Ii - Upper Main Sequence Stars With Anomalous Abundances - Drugs Of Abuse Immunomodulation And Aids - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 194 - 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The Human Testis - Topics In Current Chemistry 1 4 - Surface Physics - Organolithium Compounds Solvated Electrons - Lacroix And The Calculus - Steric Fit In Quantitative Structureactivity Relations - Nineteen Eightyfour Science Between Utopia And Dystopia - Intelligent Exploration Of The Web - Partial Differential Equations 2 - Methodology Metaphysics And The History Of Science - New Algorithms For Macromolecular Simulation - Hamiltonian Structures And Generating Families - Opioids I - Measures Of Association For Cross Classifications - Abstract Algebra And Famous Impossibilities - Supervised Sequence Labelling With Recurrent Neural Networks - Beitrage Zur Geschichte Der Synergetik - Intelligentized Methodology For Arc Welding Dynamical Processes - Memories From Darkness - Markov Chains Models Algorithms And Applications - Unimolecular And Supramolecular Electronics I - Comparison Of Type I And Type Ii Diabetes - Handbook Of The Sociology Of Racial And Ethnic Relations - Nonlinear Feedback Neural Networks - 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Rate Coefficients In Astrochemistry - Design And Analysis Of Distributed Embedded Systems - Nonprotein Coding Rnas - Modest Nonconceptualism - Constrainthandling In Evolutionary Optimization - New Aspects Of Electromagnetic And Acoustic Wave Diffusion - From P2p And Grids To Services On The Web - Intervening In The Brain - Analog Dithering Techniques For Wireless Transmitters - Faulttolerant Search Algorithms - The Effects Of Noise On Aquatic Life - Advances In Breast Cancer Detection - Coding And Information Theory - Bone Marrowderived Progenitors - Pharmacology Of The Skin I - Electronic And Vibronic Spectra Of Transition Metal Complexes Ii - Iutam Symposium On Advanced Optical Methods And Applications In Solid Mechanics - Hot Topics In Infection And Immunity In Children V - Klassiker Der Sozialwissenschaften - Economic Performance - Angiogenesis In Brain Tumors - Urinary Tract - Mathematical Logic And Model Theory - Precision Sensors Actuators And Systems - Properties And Interactions Of Interplanetary Dust - Technology Shocks - Clocks In The Sky - Theranostics Gallium68 And Other Radionuclides - Design And Analysis Of Shell Structures - Statistical Analysis For Highdimensional Data - Stem Cell Biology In Neoplasms Of The Central Nervous System - Handbook Of Memetic Algorithms - Cooperative Knowledge Processing For Engineering Design - Explorations In Harmonic Analysis - Mechanics Of Anisotropic Materials - Analog Filters In Nanometer Cmos - Microbiology Of Extreme Soils - Ultra Low Power Capacitive Sensor Interfaces - Onedimensional Organometallic Materials - Operator Theory Pseudodifferential Equations And Mathematical Physics - The Founders Of Western Thought The Presocratics - The Evolution Of The Milky Way - Metric Constrained Interpolation Commutant Lifting And Systems - Sequential Experimentation In Clinical Trials - Microrna Cancer Regulation - Exploring The Limits Of Preclassical Mechanics - Handbook Of Newsvendor Problems - Fish Hearing And Bioacoustics - Combinatorial Commutative Algebra - Spectral Evolution Of Galaxies - Functionality Of Food Phytochemicals - Vehicle Power Management - Harmonic And Applied Analysis - Cyber Situational Awareness - Methods In Reaction Dynamics - Linear Operators And Matrices - Ebusiness And Virtual Enterprises - Fourier Analysis On Number Fields - The Dynamics Of Judicial Proof - Light Scattering Reviews 5 - Iris Biometrics - Niels Bohrs Complementarity - Synthon Model Of Organic Chemistry And Synthesis Design - Proceedings Of The European Computing Conference - Ice Ages And Interglacials - Computers In Chemistry - Cognitive Radio Receiver Frontends - Mysteries Of Galaxy Formation - Voltagetofrequency Converters - The Biology And Pathology Of Innate Immunity Mechanisms - Protein Crosslinking - The Management Of Eating Disorders And Obesity - Highspeed Optical Receivers With Integrated Photodiode In Nanoscale Cmos - Molecular Mechanisms Of Plant And Microbe Coexistence - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 14 - Dopamine In The Cns I - Springer Tracts In Modern Physics 16 - Skin Carcinogenesis In Man And In Experimental Models - Electronic Effects In Organic Chemistry - Sensory And Metabolic Control Of Energy Balance - Frontiers Of Numerical Analysis - Mobile And Wireless Communication Networks - Mechanisms In Carcinogenesis And Cancer Prevention - The Natural Background Of Meaning - Integral Operators In Nonstandard Function Spaces - Vibrations Of Elastoplastic Bodies - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 173 - Software Engineering For Manufacturing Systems - Relativistic Astrophysics And Cosmology - Alkaloid Synthesis - The Shikimic Acid Pathway - Foundations Of The Formal Sciences Ii - Arithmetics - Artificial Structures And Shorelines - Recent Advances In Operator Theory And Its Applications - Preventive Cardiology - Innovations In Fuzzy Clustering - Type2 Fuzzy Logic In Intelligent Control Applications - Cmos Processors And Memories - Crossing Borders In East Asian Higher Education - Establishing Medical Reality - A History Of Parametric Statistical Inference From Bernoulli To Fisher 17131935 - Financial Accounting And Management Control - Orthogonality And Spacetime Geometry - Security Privacy And Trust In Modern Data Management - Selfstudy Of Practice As A Genre Of Qualitative Research - Transient Receptor Potential Trp Channels - New Trends In Nuclear Collective Dynamics - Cold Gas At High Redshift - Nonlinear Behaviour And Stability Of Thinwalled Shells - Microdomains In Polymer Solutions - Technological Innovation For Value Creation - Host Defenses To Intracellular Pathogens - Mathematics Education In Different Cultural Traditions A Comparative Study Of East Asia And The West - Fuzzy Logic And Information Fusion - Modernisation Of The Criminal Justice Chain And The Judicial System - The Realm Of Interacting Binary Stars - Organizations And Strategies In Astronomy 7 - New Aspects In Phosphorus Chemistry Iv - Continuous And Distributed Systems - Translational Research In Pain And Itch - Multifield Problems In Solid And Fluid Mechanics - Twelve Lectures On Structural Dynamics - 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Domain Decomposition Methods In Science And Engineering Xviii - Fullerenes And Related Structures - Categories For The Working Mathematician - Methods In Porphyrin Photosensitization - Analog Ic Reliability In Nanometer Cmos - Mathematics Of Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Logic - Dynamics Of Close Binary Systems - Perspectives On The Teaching Of Geometry For The 21st Century - Structural Reliabilism - Parallel Genetic Algorithms - Theory Of Probability And Random Processes - The Convergence Of Scientific Knowledge - Analog Electronic Filters - Computer Science And Convergence - Essential Topology - Mechanisms Of Lymphocyte Activation And Immune Regulation Xi - Fertility Control - Geomorphological Hazards In High Mountain Areas - Critical Infrastructure Protection V - Semaphorins Receptor And Intracellular Signaling Mechanisms - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xix - Export Diversification And Economic Growth - Global Initiatives To Secure Cyberspace - Cartesian Empiricisms - Fibre Bundles - Antitumor Antibiotics - Codes An Introduction To Information Communication And Cryptography - Product Lifecycle Management Towards Knowledgerich Enterprises - Topological Nonlinear Analysis Ii - Combinatorial Machine Learning - 16th Nordicbaltic Conference On Biomedical Engineering - Apc Proteins - Photoinduced Electron Transfer Ii - Novel Biomarkers In The Continuum Of Breast Cancer - Function And Metabolism Of Phospholipids In The Central And Peripheral Nervous Systems - New Neuromuscular Blocking Agents - The Chemistry Of Pheromones And Other Semiochemicals Ii - Ethnische Ungleichheiten Im Politischen Wissen - Seaside Operations Planning In Container Terminals - Leibniz On The Parallel Postulate And The Foundations Of Geometry - Adsorption On Ordered Surfaces Of Ionic Solids And Thin Films - Biology Of Growth Factors - Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations In Geometry And Physics - Towards Understanding Galaxies At Large Redshift - Space Exploration 2008 - Physical Activity And Cancer - Cybersecurity Systems For Human Cognition Augmentation - Proteinmetal Interactions - Surfaces In Classical Geometries - Teaching Singing In The 21st Century - Advances In Prostaglandin Leukotriene And Other Bioactive Lipid Research - Brain Development In Drosophila Melanogaster - Traffic Data Collection And Its Standardization - Integrity And Internal Control In Information Systems V - 14th Nordicbaltic Conference On Biomedical Engineering And Medical Physics - Galactic And Extragalactic Infrared Spectroscopy - Variational And Quasivariational Inequalities In Mechanics - An Archaeology Of History And Tradition - Jets Of Hadrons - Gliomas - Pharmacology And Therapeutics Of Cough - Proteins Structure Function And Engineering - Chemistry And Physics Of Solid Surfaces Vii - Kuhns Structure Of Scientific Revolutions 50 Years On - Excursions In Harmonic Analysis Volume 3 - Supernovae And Supernova Remnants - The Fate Of The Male Germ Cell - Bioenergy From Wood - Business Cycle Theory - Computational Intelligence Medicine And Biology - Highresolution Iftobaseband Sigmadelta Adc For Car Radios - Luminescence Applied In Sensor Science - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Waste To Energy - Regulation Of Micrornas - Cirrhosis Hepatic Encephalopathy And Ammonium Toxicity - Rethinking Popper - Digitalization In Open Economies - Recent Developments In The Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators Theory And Practice - Surface Reactions - Introduction To Hydro Energy Systems - Small Ring Compounds In Organic Synthesis Iv - Advanced Interferometers And The Search For Gravitational Waves - Diuretics - Probiotics In Pediatric Medicine - Mammalian Carbohydrate Recognition Systems - Iutam Symposium On Micro And Macrostructural Aspects Of Thermoplasticity - Trends In Logic - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology 158 - Structure And Function Of Gangliosides - Mutant P53 And Mdm2 In Cancer - Computational Sustainability - Phylogenetic Perspectives On The Vertebrate Immune System - Advances Of Evolutionary Computation Methods And Operators - Recent Themes In The Philosophy Of Science - Elliptic Functions - The Roche Problem - Epilepsy And The Ketogenic Diet - Pedagogy And Ict Use In Schools Around The World - Asymptotics Of Nonlinearities And Operator Equations - Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma - The Asian City Processes Of Development Characteristics And Planning - Dynamics Of Synchronising Systems - Fuzzy Systems Design - Advances In Phase Space Analysis Of Partial Differential Equations - Introduction To Differentiable Manifolds - Evaluation And Decision Models - Educating Professionals For Networkcentric Organisations - Successful Principal Leadership In Times Of Change - Landscapes Of Transition - Biology Of Amphibian Tumors - Stabilization And Control Of Fractional Order Systems A Sliding Mode Approach - Cytokines And Cancer - Vibrations Of Elastic Systems - Fundamentals Of Algebraic Topology - Advances In Applied Bioremediation - Selected Papers Of Hirotugu Akaike - Antineoplastic And Immunosuppressive Agents - Coronary Disease In Women - Applied Geography Issues Questions And Concerns - Polar Remote Sensing - Electromechanical Sensors And Actuators - Universalities In Condensed Matter - Advanced Techniques In Web Intelligence2 - Honora© Fabri And The Concept Of Impetus A Bridge Between Conceptual Frameworks - Timedependent Scheduling - Diffusing Software Product And Process Innovations - Lectures In Abstract Algebra - Classics In The History Of Greek Mathematics - Advances In Production Management Systems Value Networks Innovation Technologies And Management - Analytical Mechanics - Aristotle And The Philosophy Of Law Theory Practice And Justice - Computational Linguistics - Der Einfluss Der Besteuerung Auf Finanzierungsentscheidungen - Nutrition In Infancy - The Resource Potential In Phytochemistry - Holistic Simulation Of Geotechnical Installation Processes - Prepare For Launch - Deepwater Coral Reefs - Target Pattern Recognition In Innate Immunity - Algebraic Groups And Class Fields - Mexican Studies In The History And Philosophy Of Science - Elementary Operators And Their Applications - Dendrimer Catalysis - Lasers In The Conservation Of Artworks - Digital Communities In A Networked Society - Neural Information Processing Research And Development - Photoelectric Properties And Applications Of Lowmobility Semiconductors - Database And Application Security Xv - Metaheuristics For Scheduling In Distributed Computing Environments - The Link Between Inflammation And Cancer - Secure Multiparty Nonrepudiation Protocols And Applications - Advances In Physiological Computing - Drought And Drought Mitigation In Europe - Social Interaction Globalization And Computeraided Analysis - Algebraic Theory Of Quadratic Numbers - Questioning Cosmopolitanism - Surface Enhanced Raman Vibrational Studies At Solid Gas Interfaces - Properties Effects Residues And Analytics Of The Insecticide Endosulfan - Managing Complexity Practical Considerations In The Development And Application Of Abms To Contemporary Policy Challenges - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 191 - Modelling And Control Of Dynamical Systems Numerical Implementation In A Behavioral Framework - Selfdual Gauge Field Vortices - New Light On Dark Stars - Biological Rhythms And Endocrine Function - Excitationcontraction Coupling In Skeletal Cardiac And Smooth Muscle - Weak Convergence And Empirical Processes - Critical Choices And Critical Care - Vascular Perfusion In Cancer Therapy - Cell Substrates - Functional Spaces For The Theory Of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations - Copper Transport And Its Disorders - Tropical Fire Ecology - Designing Green Landscapes - The Locales Framework - Flavonoids In The Living System - Polarization In Spectral Lines - 1st Karl Schwarzschild Meeting On Gravitational Physics - Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xxxvii - Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Structures - Analysis For Applied Mathematics - Sequential Analysis - Templates In Chemistry Iii - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology Vol 170 - Photonhadron Interactions Ii - Ecological Risk Assessment For Chlorpyrifos In Terrestrial And Aquatic Systems In The United States - Teacher Learning And Development - Deepspace Probes - Advanced Computing - The Molecular Immunology Of Complex Carbohydrates - The Elementary Structure Of Matter - Fluid Effects In Polymers And Polymeric Composites - Stability Analysis Of Nonlinear Systems - Challenges And Solutions For Climate Change - Nonlinear Time Series - Computational Problems In Science And Engineering - Electrical Engineering And Control - Ecology Of Language Acquisition - New Advances In Intelligent Signal Processing - Applying Fuzzy Mathematics To Formal Models In Comparative Politics - Operator Theoretical Methods And Applications To Mathematical Physics - Complementarity Modeling In Energy Markets - Surveys In Experimental Economics - Intelligent Counting Under Information Imprecision - Water In Road Structures - Neural Nets Applications In Geography - Governing Higher Education National Perspectives On Institutional Governance - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology 147 - Aerosol Optics - Precision Assembly Technologies And Systems - Future Control And Automation - Issues And Images In The Philosophy Of Science - Lacrimal Gland Tear Film And Dry Eye Syndromes 3 - Einsteins Photoemission - Handbook Of Multicultural Perspectives On Stress And Coping - Biological Basis Of Geriatric Oncology - Compatible Forest Management - New Trends In Computational Collective Intelligence - Fuel Homeostasis And The Nervous System - Resource And Market Projections For Forest Policy Development - Protocols For Highspeed Networks Vi - Risk Measurement Econometrics And Neural Networks - The Science Of Wellbeing - Continuoustime Digital Frontends For Multistandard Wireless Transmission - Encryption For Digital Content - Numerical Mathematics And Advanced Applications Enumath 2013 - Reflections On The History Of Computers In Education - The Service Sector Productivity And Growth - Comets - Musical Robots And Interactive Multimodal Systems - Communications And Multimedia Security Issues Of The New Century - Anticancer Drug Resistance - Introduction To Elliptic Curves And Modular Forms - Rfid Security And Privacy - Homo Novus A Human Without Illusions - Emergence Of The Theory Of Lie Groups - Advanced Stress And Stability Analysis - Probability And Inference In The Law Of Evidence - Solar Neutrons And Related Phenomena - Topics In Hyperplane Arrangements Polytopes And Boxsplines - Histamine Ii And Antihistaminics - Complete Second Order Linear Differential Equations In Hilbert Spaces - Inelastic Behaviour Of Structures Under Variable Loads - Moda4 Advances In Modeloriented Data Analysis - Gasphase Electron Diffraction - Correspondence Invariance And Heuristics - The Place Of Information Technology In Management And Business Education - Determination Of Hydrogen In Materials - Knowledge Management In The Sociotechnical World - The Power Makers Challenge - Inetsec 2009 Open Research Problems In Network Security - Introduction To Nano - Complex Geometry And Dynamics - Intelligent Technical Systems - The Lost Constellations - Certification And Security In Interorganizational Eservices - Maxplus Methods For Nonlinear Control And Estimation - History Of Computing In Education - Vector Generalized Linear And Additive Models - Economic Spillovers Structural Reforms And Policy Coordination In The Euro Area - Smart And Flexible Digitaltoanalog Converters - Dynamics Of The Magnetosphere - Statistical Tools For Nonlinear Regression - Designing And Conducting A Forest Inventory Case 9th National Forest Inventory Of Finland - Stigmergic Optimization - Importing Eu Norms - Asian American Mental Health - Multiband Effective Mass Approximations - Die Gute Verschiedener Befragungsmethoden Zur Umweltbewertung - Observational Evidence For Black Holes In The Universe - Antiviral Chemotherapy 4 - Axiomatic Fuzzy Set Theory And Its Applications - Business Agility And Information Technology Diffusion - Perceptionbased Data Processing In Acoustics - Handbook Of The Sociology Of Emotions - Handbook Of The Life Course - The World Of Bereavement - Human Nature And Natural Knowledge - Aurora 7 - Integrated Frequency Synthesis For Convergent Wireless Solutions - Logics And Falsifications - Geospatial Analysis And Modelling Of Urban Structure And Dynamics - Hot Topics In Infection And Immunity In Children - Evolution Of Teaching And Learning Paradigms In Intelligent Environment - Quantumclassical Analogies - Intelligent Adaptation And Personalization Techniques In Computersupported Collaborative Learning - Statistical Models Based On Counting Processes - Advanced Xray Crystallography - Spotlight On Modern Transformer Design - Light Emitting Silicon For Microphotonics - The Neurological Emergence Of Epilepsy - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 225 - Advanced Topics In Computational Partial Differential Equations - Multiscale Quantum Models For Biocatalysis - High Mixedvoltage Analog And Rf Circuit Techniques For Nanoscale Cmos - Immunobiology Of Proteins And Peptidesii - Multiple Impacts In Dissipative Granular Chains - Advanced Techniques In Soil Microbiology - Heavy Metal Contamination Of Soils - Pharmacology Of Neurotransmitter Release - Left Atrial Appendage Closure - What Where When Why - The Theory Of New Classical Macroeconomics - Spectral Theory Of Operator Pencils Hermitebiehler Functions And Their Applications - Topics In Computational Wave Propagation - Newtons Physics And The Conceptual Structure Of The Scientific Revolution - Ontologybased Multiagent Systems - Protocol Specification Testing And Verification Xv - Jean Leray 99 Conference Proceedings - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 207 - Piezoelectric Shells - Analysis Control And Optimal Operations In Hybrid Power Systems - Ambulatory Impedance Cardiography - Cancer Metastasis And The Lymphovascular System - The Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation - Fitting Linear Relationships - Proceedings Of The 4th International Conference On Computer Engineering And Networks - The Theory And Practice Of Revenue Management - Radicals In Synthesis I - New Trends In Networking Computing Elearning Systems Sciences And Engineering - Lipids Lipoproteins And Drugs - Computing With Social Trust - Particle Physics And The Universe - Accreditation And Evaluation In The European Higher Education Area - Beneficence And Health Care - Carcinomas Of The Head And Neck - The Nature Of Symbiotic Stars - Proceedings Of The International Conference On Information Engineering And Applications Iea 2012 - Solution Manual For Mechanics And Control Of Robots - Sample Efficient Multiagent Learning In The Presence Of Markovian Agents - The Politics Of Nuclear Power - Mobile Information Systems Ii - Iutam Symposium On Mechanics And Reliability Of Actuating Materials - Soft Computing For Information Processing And Analysis - Audiophotography - International Science And National Scientific Identity - Heavy Quark Effective Theory - Advances In Gamma Ray Resonant Scattering And Absorption - Integrative Weight Management - Hermeneutics And Science - Biodiversitat - Mammary Tumor Cell Cycle Differentiation And Metastasis - Fragmentbased Drug Discovery And Xray Crystallography - Recent Advances In Harmony Search Algorithm - Methods Of Applied Mathematics With A Matlab Overview - Elearning And Digital Publishing - Recognizing Variable Environments - Approaches To Environmental Accounting - Lipoxygenases And Their Metabolites - Style Politics And The Future Of Philosophy - Desorption Induced By Electronic Transitions Diet Iv - Solarterrestrial Physics - Industrial Applications Of Soft Computing - Vibration Control Of Active Structures - Present And Future Of Highenergy Physics - Reflexivity In Economics - It From Bit Or Bit From It - Ultimate Horizons - Information Security Management And Small Systems Security - The Finite Simple Groups - Balancing Of Highspeed Machinery - In Vivo Immunology - Swarming Landscapes - Quantum Theories And Geometry - Ioninduced Electron Emission From Crystalline Solids - Cytoskeletal And Extracellular Proteins - Analog Circuits And Systems Optimization Based On Evolutionary Computation Techniques - Environmental Biomedicine - Control Of Turbulent And Magnetohydrodynamic Channel Flows - Freight Forwarders Intermediary Role In Multimodal Transport Chains - Probabilistic Composition Of Preferences Theory And Applications - Control Of The Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems In Health And Disease - Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors - Enzymology And Molecular Biology Of Carbonyl Metabolism 4 - Quadrupole Optics - Fifty Years Of Quasars - The Initial Mass Function 50 Years Later - Architecture For Astronauts - Drug Transporters - Analysis And Optimization Of Differential Systems - Leadership And Communication - Matrix Norms And Their Applications - Advances In The Theory And Applications Of Noninteger Order Systems - Space Program Management - Gadd45 Stress Sensor Genes - Taurine In Nutrition And Neurology - Rna Exosome - An Introduction To The Theory Of Climate - Theoretical Aspects Of Transition Metal Catalysis - Dynamical Phenomena At Surfaces Interfaces And Superlattices - Fundamentals Of Cosmic Electrodynamics - Millimetre And Submillimetre Astronomy - Fuzzy Applications In Industrial Engineering - Building The Eworld Ecosystem - Leadership For An Age Of Wisdom - Essential Mathematical Biology - Advances In Turbulence Xii - Computational Intelligence For Modelling And Prediction - Trust Management Viii - Microorganisms In Soils Roles In Genesis And Functions - Nuclear Transport - Social Networks A Framework Of Computational Intelligence - Minimum Entropy Control For Timevarying Systems - Iutam Symposium On Multiscale Modeling And Characterization Of Elasticinelastic Behavior Of Engineering Materials - Environmental Geochemistry And Health - Narrowgap Semiconductors - Robot Operating System Ros - Doing Business Electronically - Arma Model Identification - 13th International Conference On Electrical Bioimpedance And 8th Conference On Electrical Impedance Tomography 2007 - Thermocapillary Convection In Models Of Crystal Growth - Electronic Tapchanger For Distribution Transformers - Contemporary Research In Population Geography - Operator Theory And Complex Analysis - Modelling Simulation And Software Concepts For Scientifictechnological Problems - Complex System Modelling And Control Through Intelligent Soft Computations - Natural Disturbances And Historic Range Of Variation - Making A Difference In Teacher Education Through Selfstudy - Algorithmic Foundation Of Robotics Vii - Portfolio Decision Analysis - Multicriterion Decision In Management - Topics In Differential Geometry A New Approach Using Ddifferentiation - Nutrients Stress And Medical Disorders - Natural Disasters As Interactive Components Of Globalecodynamics - Soft Computing For Complex Multiple Criteria Decision Making - Resolute And Undertaking Characters The Lives Of Wilhelm And Otto Struve - Hightemperaturesuperconductor Thin Films At Microwave Frequencies - Operator Theory And Related Topics - Aseptic Environment And Cancer Treatment - Bonferronitype Inequalities With Applications - Thermohydromechanical Coupling In Fractured Rock - Hemopoietic Colonies - 3rd Kuala Lumpur International Conference On Biomedical Engineering 2006 - Dendrimers Iii - A Classical Introduction To Modern Number Theory - Management Of Convergence In Innovation - A Course In Number Theory And Cryptography - Issues In Supportive Care Of Cancer Patients - Stability Of Functional Equations In Several Variables - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology 175 - The Cell Surface - Biology Of The Lysosome - Advances In Hardware Design And Verification - Modelling And Simulation In Management - World Suffering And Quality Of Life - Embedded Systems Specification And Design Languages - Bayesian Nonparametric Data Analysis - Patterns In Protein Sequence And Structure - An Algebraic Introduction To Mathematical Logic - Adaptive Multistandard Rf Frontends - Boundary Value Problems In Abstract Kinetic Theory - Economic Policy And Sustainable Land Use - Antihypertensive Agents - The Nonlinear Universe - Scalable Optimization Via Probabilistic Modeling - Soil Biology And Agriculture In The Tropics - Energetic Phenomena On The Sun - Density Functional Theory I - Semantics In Adaptive And Personalized Services - Intelligent Techniques And Tools For Novel System Architectures - Histamine And Histamine Antagonists - Social Media Retrieval - Dynamics Of Mechanical Systems With Coulomb Friction - Nanomaterial - The Application Of The Chebyshevspectral Method In Transport Phenomena - Rough Granular Computing In Knowledge Discovery And Data Mining - Solar System Update - Fundamental Questions Of Practical Cosmology - Lung Cancer And Personalized Medicine Novel Therapies And Clinical Management - Green Tribology - Ecommerce Security And Privacy - Tactics And Strategy In Cancer Treatment - Atmospheric And Oceanic Mesoscale Processes - Complex Engineering Service Systems - Monte Carlo Applications In Polymer Science - Airborne Wind Energy - Sheaves In Geometry And Logic - Meteorite Research - Statistical Inference For Ergodic Diffusion Processes - Timedomain Beamforming And Blind Source Separation - Decision Models In Engineering And Management - World Congress On Medical Physics And Biomedical Engineering September 7 12 2009 Munich Germany - Desert Truffles - Intelligent Comparisons Analytic Inequalities - Neutron Stars Black Holes And Binary Xray Sources - Future Perspectives In Risk Models And Finance - Oxygen Transport To Tissuevi - Climate Change And Developing Countries - Nutritional And Toxicological Aspects Of Food Safety - Protein Metabolism And Homeostasis In Aging - Basic Stochastic Processes - Essentials Of Restenosis - Hodgkins Disease In Children - The Expanding Role Of Folates And Fluoropyrimidines In Cancer Chemotherapy - Adaptive Optics For Industry And Medicine - Logical And Epistemological Studies In Contemporary Physics - Reviews Of Physiology Biochemistry And Pharmacology 111 - Astronomical Masers - Manybody Methods In Quantum Chemistry - Carbon Inventory Methods - Jan De Witts Elementa Curvarum Linearum Liber Primus - Fuzzy Probabilities - Molecular Staging Of Cancer - Dietary Fat And Cancer - Linear Functional Equations Operator Approach - Handbook Of Drug Abuse Prevention - Cervix Cancer - Iron Chelation Therapy - Artificial Gravity - Electronic Design Automation Frameworks - Mobility In Space And Time - Improvement In The Quality Of Delivery Of Electrical Energy Using Power Electronics Systems - Advances In Performancebased Earthquake Engineering - Deconstructing Ethnography - Network Control And Engineering For Qos Security And Mobility Ii - Exafs And Near Edge Structure Iii - Handbook Of Simulation Optimization - Saponins Used In Food And Agriculture - Carbon Rich Compounds I - Mod Two Homology And Cohomology - Lung Cancer And Autoimmune Disorders - Aging Phenomena - Spectroscopic Instrumentation - Early Gastrointestinal Cancers Ii Rectal Cancer - Contact Force Models For Multibody Dynamics - Limit Theorems For Randomly Stopped Stochastic Processes - Insulation Of Highvoltage Equipment - The Fuzzification Of Systems - Radiation In A Cloudy Atmosphere - Nonuniversity Higher Education In Europe - Electronic Publishing For Physics And Astronomy - Discrete Tomography - Photochemistry And Photophysics Of Coordination Compounds I - Understanding And Using Linear Programming - Organic Nitrates - Defects At Oxide Surfaces - Narrow Gap Semiconductors 2007 - Chromosomal Instability In Cancer Cells - Real Analysis Measures Integrals And Applications - Computational Approaches To Analogical Reasoning Current Trends - Bifurcations And Catastrophes - A Course In Commutative Banach Algebras - Quantum Superposition - Algebras Quivers And Representations - Cell Cycle And Cell Differentiation - Solid Oxide Fuels Cells Facts And Figures - The Carbinole Acaricides Chlorobenzilate And Chloropropylate - Organizational Trust - Microbial Infections - Photoinduced Electron Transfer Iv - Forestry Applications Of Airborne Laser Scanning - Modern Organoaluminum Reagents - Synthetic Organic Chemistry - The Universalism Of Human Rights - Diagnostic And Therapeutic Advances In Hematologic Malignancies - Semilinear Elliptic Equations For Beginners - Environmental Silicate Nanobiocomposites - Recent Advances In Operator Theory And Applications - Steroid Hormone Receptor Systems - Invertebrate Immunity - Cleaner Combustion - Hot Topics In Infection And Immunity In Children Viii - Drama And Curriculum - Philosophical Problems Of Space And Time - Additive Number Theory The Classical Bases - Aspects Of Risk Theory - An Introduction To Recent Developments In Theory And Numerics For Conservation Laws - Ruthenium In Catalysis - Semiclassical Theory Of Mesoscopic Quantum Systems - National Forest Inventories Contributions To Forest Biodiversity Assessments - Gtpases In Biology I - Stellar Nucleosynthesis - Structural Analysis - Dynamic System Reconfiguration In Heterogeneous Platforms - Security For Telecommunications Networks - Artificial Intelligence In Theory And Practice Iv - Noncommutative Differential Geometry And Its Applications To Physics - Open Issues In Local Star Formation - The Handbook Of Salmon Farming - Variability Of Air Temperature And Atmospheric Precipitation In The Arctic - Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Volume 227 - Proceedings Of The 8th International Symposium On Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning - Clinical Ethics And The Necessity Of Stories - Topological Methods In The Study Of Boundary Value Problems - Symmetry And Chirality - Static And Dynamic Coupled Fields In Bodies With Piezoeffects Or Polarization Gradient - Gravity Particles And Astrophysics - Functional Analysis Sobolev Spaces And Partial Differential Equations - New Aspects Of Zirconium Containing Organic Compounds - Applications Of Lie Groups To Differential Equations - Mechanics Of Failure Mechanisms In Structures - Computational Intelligence In Bioinformatics - The Population Of Modern China - Convergence Of Stochastic Processes - Soft Computing For Intelligent Robotic Systems - Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung Als Personalentwicklung - Race And Affluence - Adult In Leukemias 1 - Information Handling In Astronomy Historical Vistas - Data Communications And Their Performance - And Yet It Is Heard - Spin Crossover In Transition Metal Compounds I - Operator Algebras Operator Theory And Applications - Planets In Binary Star Systems - Electronic Devices For Analog Signal Processing - Weather Modeling And Forecasting Of Pv Systems Operation - Electron And Photon Interactions At High Energies - Ion Cyclotron Resonance Spectrometry - Intelligent Autonomous Systems - Special Issue On Ionic Channels - Intelligent Strategies For Meta Multiple Criteria Decision Making - Recent Developments In Fractals And Related Fields - Power Plant Surveillance And Diagnostics - Semirings Automata Languages - Reframing Humans In Information Systems Development - Investigating The Universe - Algebraic Topology From A Homotopical Viewpoint - Biologically Inspired Robot Behavior Engineering - Dynamic Failure Of Composite And Sandwich Structures - Proceedings Of Saechina Congress 2015 Selected Papers - Submarine Power Cables - Analysis And Probability - Heparin A Century Of Progress - Physics Of Luminous Blue Variables - Properties Of Chemically Interesting Potential Energy Surfaces - Adverse Drug Reactions - Frontiers In Arterial Chemoreception - The Economics Of Online Markets And Ict Networks - Continuoustime Markov Chains - Tumours In A Tropical Country - No Truth Except In The Details - Llrw Disposal Facility Siting - Evaluating And Applying Decision Models - Lockin Thermography - Formal Description Techniques Ix - Selfstudy In Physical Education Teacher Education - Heavytailed Distributions In Disaster Analysis - The Mott Metalinsulator Transition - Analog Rf And Mixedsignal Circuit Systematic Design - Beyond The Desert 2003 - Landuse And Landcover Changes - Developing Frontier Cities - Multidisciplinary Treatment Of Soft Tissue Sarcomas - Hot Interstellar Matter In Elliptical Galaxies - Recent Advances In Multimedia Signal Processing And Communications - Asymptotics In Statistics - Customerdriven Supply Chains - Applied Stochastic Processes - Earthquakes And Tsunamis - Shortwavelength Lasers And Their Applications - Advanced Communications And Multimedia Security - Reaction Centers Of Photosynthetic Bacteria - Scientific Establishments And Hierarchies - Knots And Primes - A Course In Functional Analysis - Ultrathin Metal Films - Ubiquitous Computing Application And Wireless Sensor - Cognitive Radio And Its Application For Next Generation Cellular And Wireless Networks - High Power Lasermatter Interaction - Physics And Technology Of Amorphouscrystalline Heterostructure Silicon Solar Cells - Fuzzy Knowledge Management For The Semantic Web - Biological Effects Of Alcohol - The Legal Doctrines Of The Rule Of Law And The Legal State Rechtsstaat - Computing With Words In Information Intelligent Systems 2 - Characterizations Of Inner Product Spaces - Spies In The Sky - Predictive Approaches To Control Of Complex Systems - Boston Studies In The Philosophy Of Science - Aerospace Engineering On The Back Of An Envelope - Adhesion‑gpcrs - Antiviral Chemotherapy 5 - Theme Cities Solutions For Urban Problems - Science Between Europe And Asia - High Sensitivity Moira© - Lunar Exploration - Exploring Digital Design - Vector Measures Integration And Related Topics - Human Trophoblast Neoplasms - Metalearning In Computational Intelligence - Rationis Defensor - Organosulfur Chemistry Ii - Infections In The Immunocompromised Host - Crisis Debt And Default - Money Stock Control And Inflation Targeting In Germany - Open Source Development Adoption And Innovation - Directions And Prospects For Educational Linguistics - Hydrogenbased Autonomous Power Systems - Nutrient Cycling In Terrestrial Ecosystems - An Annotated Timeline Of Operations Research - Statistical Methods For The Evaluation Of Educational Services And Quality Of Pr